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Darker After Midnight by Lara Adrian
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Jun 03, 12

really liked it
Read in June, 2012

This is book ten in the series. Book eleven and twelve haven’t been published yet, unfortunately.
I really couldn’t put this book down and read it straight through in one day.
The book is as action packed and fast paced as the others have been … but with Dragos throwing caution to the wind and deliberately exposing The Breed to mankind in an attempt to escalate his own evil plans for domination … the story becomes even more violent and tense. His manipulations bring him closer to the highest seat of power in The US.

Chase has been fighting and hiding his increasing Bloodlust for six years but it has grown so bad that he can no longer disguise the madness that is creeping up on him. He knows how near he is to turning Rogue and either being killed or killing himself, as he edges towards insanity. The aggression that accompanies the Bloodlust is pushing him over the edge and causing him to make mistakes … to the point that he feels that he needs to leave The Order. Living in the shadows, feeling his madness increase … he still unable to let go of his desire to track down Dragos and continues to seek him alone.

The reader feels empathy and sadness when Chase realises that his downward spiral has removed him from the honourable position of Xander’s Godfather.

It is during his missions to track Dragos and his lieutenants, that Chase meets Tavia. Tavia has spent her entire life living with her aunt and being treated by a doctor for a mysterious illness that she is told could kill her if she neglects her medication. Whilst in the custody of Chase, her medication is missed and her whole life is exposed as a sham, as it becomes apparent that she is not who she thinks that she is … she is something no-one on earth could ever perceive or imagine existing.

She finds herself falling in love with Chase, despite his addiction.

Tess and Dante welcome their son, Xander into the world. Gabrielle wants a baby too but Lucan is worried about bringing a child into a world that is diminishing into a bloodbath of violence and torture. He is therefore taken back when somebody close to him reveals their plan to do just that …

The books imagery continues to hold the reader in its thrall ~ Scenes like the manic bloodbath in the Agency’s club is so vivid that a mental picture is perfectly painted.

I was a little confused by the references made a few times by Dragos who was seeking a weapon to take down The Order ... when the weapon seemed to turn out to be just a few human terrorists.

There was considerable interest given to Kellan, despite the initial impression of him only being a cameo role (in order to be the Trojan Horse in The Compound). However, when he asked Nathan to teach him how to kill, I did wonder if this was in preparation of him being featured in a future book. I also wondered if we would see more of Rowan in the future.

During the book, a theory arises as to how Breedmates are created … a link is made as to how each and every one of them has come to be, no matter who they are, where or when they were born. The link has the potential to provide a whole new spin-off plot to be explored and I presume that we will see more of this in subsequent books.

The series has introduced creatures of incredible evilness and violence. The Warriors are powerful, honourable men. The Breedmates are feisty women able to kick some serious butt!

Spoiler ** I did find the end a little difficult to believe. Even if mankind were willing to accept that there were a difference between The normal Breed and blood thirsty Rogues, the Breed (unless mated) still need to feed on humans … I find it hard to believe that this would be accepted by humanity as a whole … to the point of officially accepting The Breed as a member of The United Nations **

I really enjoyed this book, found it hard to put down (I read it in one day) and look forward to more being published. This has proved a thoroughly enjoyable series, with a new slant on the Vampire genre, mixing sci-fi with the gothic. Although there has been an element of erotic romance in each book, the plot thread that has run throughout the series has been captivating and imaginative. I would heartily recommend this series.

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