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Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler
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** spoiler alert ** Minerva (Min) has a box full of painful memories and she’s giving it back, she’s giving them all back, to Ed Slaterton – high school basketball co-captain/playa/ex-boyfriend. But before she can hand them over she’s got to explain the inclusion of each item, and cry one last time over love lost. As she scribbles down the accompanying novel, we discover that although Ed and Min are from different worlds, during the short time they’re together, they’re able to expand one another’s horizons (shoot, Ed even gets Min to come to basketball practices and games and Min gets Ed to see weird, arty films).

“Why We Broke Up” was pretty good, but a little over-hyped – in the way that leads to disappointment, because nothing can be *that* good. I liked Min’s character a lot, and she and Ed had some good moments, but their relationship could not survive (not only because this book is all about what went wrong and why they broke up), because it was at its best in a vacuum – divorced of all their other connections (friends, family, interests). And boy, I sure wish we could have had this from Ed’s point of view, too. By the end, where Min is cutting herself down after having dissected everything else, I wasn’t only sad, but I was sorry that it had to end that way – with the girl, always the girl – being the one to give meaning to everything, being the one screwed over, being the one left behind. I mean, what did Ed feel about all of this? Is that the next story? Oh, and do any of these old, arty movies even exist? Or Hawk Davies? I don’t think so. That’s sort of disappointing, too. I can’t research Min any further, because Min’s world doesn’t really exist. Bummer.
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