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Providence by Jamie McGuire
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Jun 03, 12

bookshelves: young-adult-paranormal-romance
Read in June, 2012

It wasn’t interesting enough. I wanted it to be over. Annoying heroine stupidity.

It wasn’t made clear, but I believe a small number of people in the world have a protector-guardian angel. Jack was wealthy and had many enemies. Gabe was Jack’s guardian angel. Gabe was like a secret agent with super powers. When Jack is killed in a car accident, Gabe died shortly after. Angels die when their taleh (their protectee) dies. Previously, Gabe married a human Lillian. They had three children who have angel powers Jared, Claire, and Bex. Angels have no choice in who their taleh is. When they see them they know. They also know they will die when their taleh dies. The angel feels the pains and emotions that their taleh feels.

Jack had one daughter Nina. Nina is Jared’s taleh. For years Jared has been secretly watching her as a protector. He has hidden cameras and microphones in places she lives and in her car. Jack paid a salary to Gabe and Jared for their protective services to him and his daughter. After Jack dies, his estate continues to pay Jared to protect Nina. (Summary: Guardian angels exist but they need to be paid a salary for their services. Question: If the taleh is poor, who pays for the salary and surveillance equipment?) Other characters are demons from hell and archangels who are more powerful than regular angels.

The story begins when Nina meets Jared for the first time after her father’s funeral.

The setting involves angels, but one could write the same story without angels - have Jared work in the security business and be good at shooting and fighting. The plot is: boy is hired to protect girl. He falls in love with her but must stay away so he can protect her better. She falls in love with him at first sight. She wants to know his secrets. Bad guys threaten girl.

The above set-up is ok, but I was expecting more about the angel-demon world. There is only one brief scene with a demon. The first half was ok because I was curious. But during the last half I wanted it to be over. I was skimming parts to get to the good stuff and main events. And then, heroine stupidity made it worse.

I was annoyed when she broke up with Jared for a stupid and illogical reason. It was one of those I love you but I’m staying away from you for your own good even though we will both be miserable. Also without your protection, I will probably be killed. I was further annoyed when the heroine did something else stupid while they were apart.

The author has good writing skills. When I was giving constructive criticism to another author, I used Jamie McGuire as an example of how to write a conversation scene without saying hi, how are you, and goodbye.

Nina and Jared continue as the main characters in the two sequels “Requiem” and “Eden.”

Kindle count story length: 11,440 (707 KB). Swearing language: mild, including religious swear words. Sexual content: Sex occurred one time but no details were shown. Setting: current day Providence, Rhode Island, and a small island off the coast of Nicaragua. Copyright: 2010. Genre: young adult paranormal romance.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

You might try Easy by Tamara Webber. I've heard people say it's like Beautiful Disaster without the annoying parts. I don't know because I won't read BD, but I did think Easy was great, and had a nice feel-good ending.

Jane Stewart Mlle. wrote: "You might try Easy by Tamara Webber."

Thank you! I crave recommendations like this. I"m going to get it. You're so neat!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Ha! Don't thank me yet. I do think you'll like it, though.

Jane Stewart Even if I don’t love everything you recommend, I love others - remember Heat? So please keep doing it. This book just came out and you know about it so soon? That’s neat. I’m glad we’re linked.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I read about it on Dear Author (www.dearauthor.com) - the reviews there are pretty great & they cover a good variety of tastes and styles.

Plus, it's been getting a lot of buzz on Twitter. I just bought another Webber book, so we'll see if this turns into a full-on glom.

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