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Jun 03, 2012

it was amazing
Read from August 09 to 15, 2012

As a female in Wolf Skin rises, the unborn Daughter of Cain is born; In her the beast shall lie, well hidden in True Form; And from this day forth, the Wolves of the Night shall pay; Blood and flesh of their bones, her mighty hand shall slay; The end of the race will close at hand; When the Daughter of Evil rules the land.

Probably the best shifter book I've ever read! I LOVED IT! Amanda Carlson has landed on my auto buy list and after you read Full Blooded you'll understand why. If you're interested in something creative, unique, exhilarating and equally fantastic in Urban Fantasy then Full Blood with quench that thirst. This was one of those books where I kept saying to myself, "okay just one more chapter before I go to bed".....only to find myself going to sleep early into the next morning. Full Blooded is quickly paced with plenty of fantastic world building but without the overwhelming information overload sometimes found in debut novels.

" Jessica, he cannot be trusted. He's a great warrior, one of the best I've ever seen, and I will owe him a life debt for getting you out of the fight, but he's not one of us. He is not pack. If he's led you into a trap by bringing you here...he's also a dead man."

How often have you read a book that exhilarated you from the beginning? Well that's exactly what Full Blooded was for me. From the moment I began reading Full Blooded I was enthralled into this unique world created by Amanda Carlson. Amanda Carlson grabbed me by toes and wouldn't let me go until the last spectacular page. Each chapter is more interesting than the last.

In the prequel Blooded we learn that Jessica is not only the only female ever born to a werewolf, but she also carries the burden of being the rumored daughter of Caine sent to destroy the entire werewolf species. While reading Blooded which I recommend you read first, we learn that Jessica's life is no longer safe at the compound and therefore her father Alpha McCain reluctantly sends her away under a pseudo name to create a new "safer" life living as a human while running her own private investigation firm with her best friend ". ".

If he knew already, the others wouldn't be fooled so easily. Power had swirled as our blood merged. That part had not been a lie. But I knew in my soul, just as my father knew.
The Blood Oath did not claim me.

I found Jessica easy to like, she's witty, spunky and a courageous werewolf you'll want on your side. She doesn't come across as a spoiled brat as in the past I've read with female werewolfs, she's not coddled and she actually abused by her fellow pack members, so I find it admirable that she's so loyal to her pack despite their betrayal.

What do you think about that boys? Huh? I'm an unknown risk and the most powerful Alpha in the world can't control me. I'm your worst nightmare come to life. How do you like me now?

One night when Jessica was awakened to discover that she was going through her first werewolf shift as the mature age of twenty six, her dad (pack Alpha) and the entire rest pack are informed through the pack line reserved only for full fledged shifters. To Jessica's horror now she has basically been handed a target on her back, earning her threats from the supernatural community, a private *swoon worthy* mercenary hired to contain Jessica at all costs as well as threats from her own pack.

I needed a shower. Watching James make pancakes with no shirt on was going to ensure it was a cold one. I headed for the bathroom, calling over my shoulder, "Yes, but now the same idiot wants payback, and by the looks of it, preferably in the form of my personal demise. He's going to do everything in his power to get me."
"Let him try."

For those of you that love to read a good Urban Fantasy filled with Aloha-Licious males well there's plenty of Alpha deliciousness to go around. Alpha Callum McCain (Jessica's father) has an Alpha presence that demands respect, and he loves both his twins equally despite the horrible rumor that revolves around Jessica's relationship and fate of the pack. Tyler (Jessica's twin brother) is protective, and very loyal. Second in command to Jessica's father is James and he's most definitely an incredibly sexy, loyal, powerful and honorable pack member to the Alpha as well as the other members. The head of security is Danny and he's likable, funny and such a cutie. Oh and there's Rourke *sigh* he stole my attention from the first page he appeared. Not only is he mysterious and edgy, he's also protective, and fierce, and dangerous. I mean who wouldn't find that attractive? He oozes self confidence and sex appeal, and once you read Full Blooded its easy to understand just why Rourke holds such Alpha appeal. My only question about Rourke is; What kind of shifter is Rourke? I MUST know now!!

"That's not going to work for me, Valdov," Rourke said. I'll tear your head off your shoulders if you take so much as one step closer. You don't have the authority to dismiss me that easily, and you know it." Rourke's voice went eerily calm then, dangerous and cutting in its intent. "If you lay one dead finger on her you will be begging me to end your life. Do you understand? You will beg me."

Full Blooded was action packed with exhilarating fight scenes, werewolf mythology, with a little bit of romance sprinkled throughout the pages. If your looking for a unique Urban Fantasy novel about werewolves and other supernatural creatures then you're in for a treat with Full blooded. Amanda Carlson is going to be a huge name in Urban Fantasy and I suggest you familiarize yourself with her brilliant work of art The McCaine series sooner rather than later. Full Blooded is an easy 5 sparkly stars!!!! The only unfortunate thing about this series is that the second novel Hot Blooded is not released until April 2013.

His eyes met mine and my heart leapt into my throat. Warrior of Old. Without a doubt, it was true. What was he? "What are you?" I breathed.

He looked at me curiously and I realized he was seeing me for the first time in my Lycan form. Surprise crept along his features, but we didn't have time to discuss it. "I'm yours," he said simply.

ARC provided for review by author

You can also find my review on my blog at Miss Vain's Paranormal Fantasy where you can enter to win a copy of Full Blooded from September 27th-October 5th 2012.
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Mariya AHHHHHH! I want your review for this ASAP! Hahaha! :)

MISS VAIN HAHAHAHA!!! I'll write my review it in the next couple days just for you Monster :-). Hey do you want to read it? I recommend reading the prequel first. It's short and necessary!

Mariya Haha! short and necessary. Where is the prequel? I rarely ever read them unless it's recommended I do. But I'll read it just for you! Hehehe! :))

MISS VAIN Yes I rarely read the prequels too but the author suggested I read it first. I'm glad I did because the book takes place like 8 years later. Okay so I loaned the pre-quel via kindle to Jamie this morning or else I would send it to you.;( I think it's only $.99 though, but if you like it I have the arc you can read.

Taz-xo Can't wait to read your review of this! I love shifter books anyway but that fact that this is also UF too makes me sooo excited for this! Been trying to find a good UF shifter series that I can obsess over since the Kate Daniels and Mercy Thompson series. I bought the prequel for my kindle the other day. Gonna bump it up my TBR list now :)

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