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Night Reigns by Dianne Duvall
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Jun 11, 2012

it was amazing
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Ok, seriously, Dianne Duvall is my new favoritest of the favoritests. Nora who? Dianne Duvall puts them ALL to shame!!

Night Reigns is the second book of her Immortal Guardians series. The third one should be coming out this year so you'll only have book 1 and book 2 to tide you over. And please trust me when I tell you that two is SO not enough!!

Night Reigns focuses on Amiriska, who, if you remember from Book 1, Seth rescued from the evil government scientists who were torturing her. She goes by Ami and is not like anything anyone has ever seen. We also get better acquainted with Marcus Grayden, who we also met in Book 1. Marcus is such a great character! He's around 800 years old so he was born sometime in the middle ages. He fell in love with a woman who had traveled back in time....!!!!! The author explains it WAY better than I could but she traveled back in time to whenever Marcus was a young man. He falls in love with her sort of "from afar". He's the squire to the man SHE falls in love with and Marcus has such respect and admiration and love for this man who was like a father to him, that he doesn't want to hurt either of them. So he transforms into an Immortal Guardian later on and then he waits hundreds and hundreds of years until that woman is born in the future/present. He still only loves her from afar because he still feels loyal to that dude from the past. Even though she hasn't met him yet! Sheesh!! But really, it doesn't seem that confusing in the book, I promise!! LOL! Anyways, so the time comes where she travels back in time and Marcus is beside himself. He is super depressed and takes all these crazy risks just so he can feel something other than his broken heart.

Seth (Leader of the Immortal Guardians) places Ami with Marcus as Marcus's "Second". The Immortal Guardians have these "Seconds" who are usually humans who do all the dirty sort of work for the Immortal Guardians. Not dirty work so much, just more of a helper. They run errands during the day (I.G.'s can't go in sunlight similar to vampires), they patch up the I.G.'s when they get hurt in battle, I think they also help fight when the need arises but that's pretty rare since I.G.'s are pretty hard to kill and Seconds are only human! So Seth put Ami and Marcus together, hoping to help Marcus out of his unhappiness. Its also to help Ami, as she's really traumatized by her torture at the hands of the government. She's really shy around new people, etc.

You can imagine that sparks inevitably fly. The war, of sorts, is still ongoing with the vampires. I.G.'s don't really want to kill vampires but in these books, vampires go crazy after a few years of being bitten and IG's have to take them out so that none of them get discovered. But someone is organizing the vampires and they need to find out who that is.

There are so many threads woven (weaved?) into the story that it would be too difficult to sort through them here. But some of the major points are: #1) Sexy-time is really hot! #2) The characters are all unique (in my opinion) and the author writes them in such a way that you really care about what happens to them. #3) There's this mystery that goes through each of the books and its sort of one big mystery but they also solve little parts of it along the way so you feel satisfied at the end of each book. But the mystery is still intertwined and you really need to read them all and in order to get the whole picture. #4) There are plenty of laughs, plenty of fights and plenty of emotions.

I really feel like this series has it all. I don't think I've enjoyed a book as much as I've enjoyed these. Please, please do yourself a favor and give them a chance. I swear you won't regret it. And because, if you read them, you'll be as hooked as I am, I should let you know that the author has a website and on it, she has transcripts of "interviews" with some of the main characters in the books. So you'll have a little something to tide you over until the next one comes out!
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