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Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters
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Jun 02, 2012

it was amazing

It's been a fair while since I read this book...a good few years. So apologise that I cannot be really specific. The main thing that has stuck with me about this book was the atmosphere. Sarah Waters had an amazing talent for creating a world that really sucked you in. There was a lot of visual imagrey and lovely descriptions, that made me as a reader; feel, smell, taste, whatever the main character Nancy was. Her time on the stage, and working in the wings, was wonderfully told. I could honestly smell the grease paint.
I enjoyed the natural growth and progression of the plot. The story of a girl from a small seaside town, growing and finding her dreams. Moving up to a sort of stardom, and the telling of her relationships on the way. As with all the works of Waters I have read, this novel, touched on lesbianism...well, touched is definatley the wrong word...more like chucks it straight in your face. The progression from a girl tempted by the sight of women, to the erotic sex kitten Nancy undergos, is a fairly complex but well told one. Kitty Butlers character, who brings the innocent, confused Nancy into her world of glamour, fame, and sex, was a great example of power and a drive for freedom overcoming societys conformity.
Nancy has many ups and downs, working with Kitty, and it even gets to the point where she is working as a male (impersonator) prostitute. Nancys lows really show the gritty world of the Victorian-era, and the neccesity for money and fame, in her world.
Before this I had only read Waters 'Fingersmith' and well I greatly enjoyed it, this book struck me as something much more...the story sticking with me, and to me the plot was deeper, filled with a much better sense of description, and a better sense of character development - both in a positive and negative sense.

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