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Countdown by Mira Grant
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Jul 14, 2012

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'Countdown' is a strange publication. The writing is excellent, and it's a perfect intro to the newsflesh series. The only problem is that it was published AFTER the first book (FEED). Why write the introduction after you have already introduced the series? It doesn't really make any sense. Everything written in this short story had already been covered in FEED. There aren't any new revelations, only more details. This could have very easily been wedged into to the first book so why publish it separately? Two plausible explanations: 1) The script was an afterthought - Grant was displeased with her original introduction and decided to rescript it and make it more detailed. 2) It's a money scheme designed to attract potential readers to her series and/or get more money out of her current readers by releasing something 'new'.

Now that I have aired a few complaints and questions, I must give credit where credit is due. Mira Grant is an excellent writer and is by far one of leading authors in the world of zombies. I am a HUGE fan of her novels and am sad that she is closing out her newsflesh series. I hope that she will reconsider and write a fourth book. I am just not quite sure what to make of this short story direction.

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Fiona This was written as a countdown to the release of DEADLINE, fleshing out the backstory to the world experiencing the Rising, and what produced the world Shaun and Georgia live in, as introduced in FEED. So it was partially an afterthought - she was already working on page-proofs for BLACKOUT when DEADLINE was about to be released, and she wanted to give her blog readers something to read to celebrate the upcoming release of DEADLINE. She never expected the blog pieces to be bought by Orbit, but of course she's glad that it WAS, because it gave her the opportunity to fix the errors in the original quick shorts she wrote literally in the days leading up to the release of the 2nd book of the trilogy.

She's currently working on Parasitology, which is similar but different to the Newsflesh books. She's said she may revisit Shaun and George's world, but that the trilogy is a standalone, wherein she can add to the story (such as with Countdown, or Apocalypse Scenario), or leave well enough alone and work on her umpteen other projects.

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