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Until Lily by Sherry Boas
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Oct 08, 2012

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Ruth Back to the discussion we were having a week or two ago; as someone who sees your reviews pretty regularly, I'd love to know why you, someone who regularly gives five stars to books, gave this one a three. I'm not saying to sit here and bash away, but there was something about this book that you didn't like. Since I gave it five stars (and I don't do that often) it would help me to know you as a reviewer, whether you are someone whose taste I could trust, to know why this is a three star and another book is a five star. Did the plot not hold your attention? Was the writing not your style?

Sarah Makes sense, and a fair question.

In fact, I think I answered this on my blog a while back.

I use the Goodreads star explanations to guide me:

1 star = didn’t like it
2 stars = it was ok
3 stars = liked it
4 stars = really liked it (to me, this also means “this has a place in my home library”)
5 stars = it was amazing (to me, this translates as “my best friend gets first dibs on borrowing it”)

So the 3 stars on this book had to do with the fact that it's good, yes. I liked it, yes. But I didn't find it amazing. I thought it was compelling and a good basis. I just found myself NOT captured by it in a 4 or 5 star way.

There's a skewing toward 5 stars in what I read and finish. Part of that has been that, before last year, I couldn't read as much as I do now. Part of that has to do with the fact that I will now read more than I would before. And part of it is the difference between a book I've requested to review and one that is sent to me.

Does that help? Make sense? Inspire more questions?

Sarah Also, I should add: I don't see 3 stars as an insult or a knock on the book. At all.

message 4: by Julie (new)

Julie Davis Sarah wrote: "Also, I should add: I don't see 3 stars as an insult or a knock on the book. At all."

Same here.

Ruth Sarah wrote: "Also, I should add: I don't see 3 stars as an insult or a knock on the book. At all."

I don't see it as a knock either, but I give lots of three ratings. Your average book rating is 4.58; mine is 3.4. That tells me that either you are a lot pickier about what you'll pick up to start with (and I think that's true) and/or that you are a lot freer with five star reviews (and I think that's true too, from what I can see).

Sarah Probably both are true. :) I am pickier with what I will start at this point and that skews what I'm giving 5 stars to be more likely, I think. :)

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