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The Mist by Stephen King
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Jun 02, 2012

really liked it
Read on June 02, 2012

I'm piss-drunk.

Now, don't accept that as merely a facet of my reading a Stephen King novella. I just like to drink wine and eat cheese and crackers while I read. I'd be a classy guy, were I not piss-drunk while doing so, and an evil homosexual to boot.

But all that aside, The Mist is worth your read if for no other reason that it can BE read in a few hours if you're in the mood. And hey, just for the record, if you're piss-drunk then you'll probably be in the mood. My Gods in Hell, I do like cheap boxed wine. Stephen King knows what he's doing. He may only be good at it half of the time, but that half of the time he definitely knows. Almost like knowing a woman, I mean a man, if you know what I mean which you probably don't. But that's okay. I'm piss-drunk.

My black cat is lying beside me, as my empty wine glass lies outside, sitting in the still, cooly, dark night. He knows. He knows I have read The Mist. And like everyone who has read The...Okay, I'm done with this review. I'm sure it didn't make sense, but if you'd read The Mist you would understand. Okay, you probably wouldn't. But even so I'm done. Go Read The Mist. Not Harry Potter or Eragon or some other crappy book, but a short story. The Mist.


Also, don't every watch the feature film after which this novella is named. It sucks. I've never watched it, but I've watched other Stephen King films. They all suck, and that's enough.

My Gods, I'm piss-drunk.

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