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The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti
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Jun 01, 2012

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IQ "With Daniel, there weren't any red flags, but there weren't any blue ones or green ones either; no beautiful silk flags with gold threads and patterns so breathtaking they could make you dizzy when they blew in the wind. It was enough, maybe, not to have bad things, even if you didn't have great things." Quinn pgs. 4-5

Boy oh boy do I know what that's like, that's why it's my pick for Incredible Quote because it so PERFECTLY catures those meh relationships. The ones where there's nothing you can immediately point to and say 'this is wrong' but there's no spark, or passion, or anything remotely interesting about the relationship. Its boring. You don't even know why you're together but you don't want to end things because you're scared of being alone or scared of hurting the person's feelings or whatever. This book is actually not annoyingly filled with love-advice instead the lessons about love are inserted in hilarious anecdotes and quips made by Quinn's loved ones. THE SECRET LIFE OF PRINCE CHARMING is also a very quotable book and that's always nice. To me this is a true contemporary novel. There are no pop-culture references to date it, no over use of slang, instead the tone of the novel and the language the characters use do justice to the early 21st century. And I love Quinn's family.

I do think the author should have explained Quinn's connection to the various women telling the story. The mother, grandmother and aunt were obvious but all the other women related to Quinn told their stories too and that got confusing. I wanted a family tree haha. I did get really annoyed at how Quinn thought kids whose parents weren't divorced had perfect lives. Maybe that was one of her flaws but she never changes her view (or at least it's never clear that she matured). "When your parents are divorced, your world is different from that of the kids whose parents aren't. It just is. In their world, moms and dads and kids go on bike rides together, and they all go on summer vacation. Dad cleans the gutters of clogged leaves; Mom knows how he likes his coffee. The big problems are being asked to clean your room and being treated like a child and the times the parents fight because Mom thinks Dad never listens.[....] No one feels they have to correct the wrongs of one parent to another" (pgs 157-158). HA tell that to kids who are in foster care, whose parents are alcoholics, drug users, abusers, etc. Or to kids whose parents are married, refuse to get a divorce but really they need one.

"I was not put on this earth to be someone's possession. If I want to be in a prison, then I'll rob a bank." pg. 175, I love the grandmother

"Maybe we all just want to feel special, even for a little while, to be fooled for a bit into feeling something beside the truth of our own ordinariness" Quinn, pg. 321

THE SECRET LIFE OF PRINCE CHARMING is an authentic, engaging tale that repeats advice about love and relationships that we already know deep down inside but need to keep hearing even if we ignore the advice the first time. Quinn could be annoying with her viewpoint of being the only vicitm due to divroced parents and at times the narration grew confusing but other than that the women in Quinn's family were spectacular.


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