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Trapeze by Simon Mawer
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Sep 12, 2012

liked it

Oh god. I'm having one of those 'well i liiiiked it, I just didn't looove it' stupid moments in my life with books. And this is one of them. I have to say--I did really really enjoy this. I mean it's got everything that is basically genetically engineered to please me--kick butt female spies, WWII, nazi's getting their nazi butt's kicked, did I mention hot female spies in WWII? And beautifully written, evocative language. So really, everything I've ever wanted out of a book ever minus Holmes and Watson. I literally can't tell you what that would do to me to have a sexy spy novel set in WWII with Holmes and Watson defeating nazi's with their mad detective ninja skills. It could bring down nations with its awesomeness. I'm just saying. SOMEONE WRITE THIS.

Meanwhile, this book was great but--just not AMAZEBALLS. You know what I mean? When you get that ONE book out of like a million (what? seriously, I read a lot) that just blows your mind and you can't put it down and if anyone tries to MAKE you put it down you will bite them in the shins like an angry corgi until they let you finish it. These things happen. To me. Sometimes. And those are the greatest times when I can find those books but they're like magical mystical Harry Potter-type unicorns that only happen once and then get eaten in the forest by Voldemort and never seen again. SPOILERS.

Seriously though, I should probably talk about this book shouldn't I. I DO recommend it--super super highly to anyone who, like me, loves me some kick ass world war II stuff with fantastic lyrical writing and realistic spy-biz. But I think I just wanted more---umf out of it. I have to say the ending was a smidge predictable but not in a really disappointing way. Just in a oh yeah, there was no other way for that to end...way. Basically, a really good summer read. But now I'm looking for that magical mystical moment again. This is going to be like that movie I watched a bazillion times on betamax as a kid, isn't it? The one where all the unicorns get driven into the ocean by that mean white haired old man voiced by Christopher Lee which is basically just a story about intolerance and the mass extermination of a race. Of mystical magical unicorns BUT STILL. See how this all ties together? Clearly I was born to be an English major. I am awesome.

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