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Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin
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Jun 01, 12

I read the Arndt translation, and compared it in a few places with the Falen translation. Overall, the Falen translation (in my admittedly limited sampling of it) seemed much better to me. The meter and syntax seemed much more natural and fluid, while the Arndt translation often feels stilted (and the attempts at humor or irony often come off as strained and somehow pompous, as if the writer is much too aware he's trying to be clever; the jokes and such tend to come off much better in Falen's translation, again based on my limited reading of it). For me, Falen was much better on the "little feet" verses, as well as in general. The one place the Arndt translation seemed better was in the verses describing the duel and the death of Lensky; Arndt's translation here has a certain gravity that Falen's seemed to me to lack. I think I would probably recommend the Falen translation, and will definitely read that one if I read Onegin again.

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