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Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot
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Jun 03, 2012

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Queen of Babble is probably one of the better Meg Cabot books I've read. I think I enjoyed reading this grown up book because her writing was less juvenile than in her Y.A books.

The plot/writing reminded me lots of Sophie Kinsella. It follows Lizzie as she goes to London to spend a month with her boyfriend. I never exactly understood how they met and how they became boyfriend/girlfriend. I remember something about a fire and Andrew saving her and then they went a night together? I found the story of how they met and became a couple kind of unclear. Unless I skimmed that page. Anyway, somehow, even though they've been emailing for months, Lizzie doesn't know that:
-Andrew doesn't drive
-He lives with his parents
-He works as a waiter, not as a teacher
-He cheats the government
-He is a total wanker

How do you not know these things about your boyfriend? I know he probably withheld all this information but still.

So basically Lizzie goes to meet him and within a day or two, she's like "Fuck NO" and catches the train/eurostar to France, where her best friend and boyfriend are staying with friends.

The rest of the book is Lizzie falling for guy with a girlfriend and fixing a dress. Yeah, basically it. She also talks about Diet Coke A LOT.

It was entertaining and I considered giving it 4 stars just for being entertaining but I didn't because it wasn't really a 4 star book. It was cute and fluffy though.

I have NO idea why it was called Queen of Babble. I guess because she talks a lot? But really, she didn't seem abnormally babble-y.

I may come back and add a funny quote pertaining to a blow job but I can't be arsed to reach for the book and then type out said quote.

EDIT: Here is the quote:

I'm the biggest idiot this side of the Atlantic. Possibly both sides. God, I wish I'd figured that out before I gave him that blow job. I can't believe I did that.
You know what? I want that blow job back. Andrew Marshall isn't worthy of a blow job by me. That blow job was special. It was my first. And it was meant for a teacher, not a welfare fraud!

I recommend it to fluffy fluff lovers!

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