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Falling Off the Face of the Earth by J.F.  Smith
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** spoiler alert ** 4.5 stars.

So good! Lots of room to flesh the characters out and allow them to grow organically. Beautiful ending.

Not crazy about the brief enraging moment of fatphobia which is why this isn't five stars. (Example in my update comment and in the way the description of Brick seemed to change from "thick, slight beer belly" to "naturally muscular" with no mention of the belly as the MCs reached the sexy part of their relationship).

Overall, it was just a fantastic story.

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70.0% ""James thought that Phoebe was little fat for someone as good looking as JT."

So us fat folk don't deserve to be with attractive partners? FTR, I'd take Brick over JT anyday because I'm not stupid enough to choose the arrogant prick that happens to be aesthetically pleasing over the decent, sweet guy who isn't typically 'hot'. Looks fade, asshole is forever. *adds author to shit list*"

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message 1: by Lillian (new)

Lillian Francis After your fat rant you still gave this four stars? I thought the author was on your shit list?

jules0623 Lillian wrote: "After your fat rant you still gave this four stars? I thought the author was on your shit list?"

He is on my shit list and I won't give him another cent of my hubby's hard earned cash, but the book was damn good and deserves praise for all but that one line.

I hate it when a good book is soured for me because of one, fairly OOC, line but I'm assuming this is the author speaking through his character at this point rather than the character himself so I'm hating the sin, loving the sinner (and blacklisting the creator from my to-read shelf). :D

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