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The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey
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Jun 01, 2012

it was amazing

For some reason I had my eye on this book for a while,simply felt it might be something for me.It is an almost obscure little crimi-novel,today overhsadowed by more familiar names from best-selling lists - who in a world still remembers Josephine Tey (pseudonym by the way) who died in early 1950s with a small legacy behind her.Her real name was Elizabeth Mackintosh and she apparently lived very quiet life as a teacher,later retired to take care of her invalid father.
Everywhere I look,books seems to be so heavy - best sellers are usualy 500+ pages,check out "The World without End" with more than 1000 pages (I call it "The Book without End") so this little novel comes as surprise,so slim and short but boy,was it good or what.
The story follows police inspector who is bored to death in a hospital bed and being famous for "reading faces" he entertains himself with checking some ancient portraits.Soon he became really curious about portrait of Richard III,remembered in history as cruel villain who murdered two princes in Tower in order to get the crown.Inspector Grant quickly decides this portrait cannot possibly be a killer and from than uses modern-day police approach to the whole mystery that happened centuries ago.The whole story - short and sweet - turned out to be so interesting that I muled it over in my head for days afterwards and did my little research on internet about Richard III,even saved his portrait that inspector Grant saw in a hospital bed.
I absolutely loved this book and can easily reccomend it to everybody,such a smart little story and I promise you,you will remember it and think about it afterwards.Its the question of what actually goes in history and as usual,winners write what they want.

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