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Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane
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May 31, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: dystopian-post-apocalyptic, netgalley, urban-fantasy
Read from June 01 to 19, 2012

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Well...this book was just like the others. If you know me, you know I LOVE this series. This book was action packed, mysterious, and filled with Terrible! :-)

Stacia Kane surprises me in every book. I am also so impressed by her world building, the attention to detail in everything and her language that she created. It's so funny and crazy at the same time they way the Downsiders talk. Although I really enjoy, I am thankful that Chess doesn't talk like that. :-P Since Chess is a witch for the church she is dealing in sorcery, spells and ghosts on a daily basis. Her "ingredients" for these spells are so unique that only Stacia Kane could have come up with this stuff.

"A shriveled chicken claw wrapped in cloth, soaked in dried blood to harden it. A ball of white wax stuffed with fingernail clippings and shreds of snakeskin. A short thick braid of hair, made from smaller braids, all different kinds of hairs, and stiffened with what she thought was the liquid equivalent of the greenish powder. A bent nail. Knotted threads." -Chess going through a spell bag

I went through almost all sorts of emotions in this book. The last book, Chess did a lot of soul searching. This book continued her journey but it also focused on her doubts about her relationship with Terrible. Not doubts on the actual relationship, but in herself being able to sustain a long lasting relationship. Downside readers know that Chess is a drug addict. She dabbles in Cepts (pills) and Speed mostly. Chess loves to push the limits and surely did in this book too. She has so much self loathing going on that she just can't fathom the fact that Terrible can love her unconditionally.

"But as his arm wound around her waist, as she was filled with the smell of him, the taste of him, the feel of his body hot and hard against her, she didn't care. Because right at that moment she had him, and right at that moment she could finally let herself rest, could stop worrying, could get past all of the things that scared her and let herself go." -Chess

Chess evolved more in this book. She is slowly getting there and it definitely won't be a quick process with Terrible or not. But I love the journey that she has embarked upon with him.

Lex is of course still in this book. He has now taken over his half of Downside since his father's passing in the last book. He still has a thing for Chess, I think he's in love with her, but won't admit it. Chess definitely won't admit that to herself. No matter what, Lex is always there for Chess when she really need him. I think I have a soft spot for him. I'm not sure if it's because I feel sorry for him or what. She has continued her relationship with Blue, but we don't get to her about her much.

This book was slow moving for me, but once it hit about the halfway point there was no stopping it. There was so much action that I didn't want to put the book down. About the last 50 pages were the best for me. There are so many great scenes and quotes that I could go on all night. My Nook is filled with highlights.

If you haven't picked up this series and like Urban Fantasy, I highly recommend this series to you!
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