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The Raie'Chaelia by Melissa Douthit
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Jul 25, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: just-no, authors-be-crazy

Before I say a little about what I think of this reviewer-author duke-out that's been going on, I just have to react to the title and the cover: Photobucket

Seriously, how do you even say that? And the girl on the cover looks like a simpering Barbie doll. Okay, I have said my first impressions. Moving on...

I haven't been part of the Goodreads circulation for very long, but from what I've seen, the blog posts of this author have disgusted me to a level that I had not believed was possible after reading some of the things that other authors have said about their reviewers. It's so difficult to believe that some people don't possess any sort of social consciousness at all. I'm not talking Salinger; I'm talking people who don't seem to understand what it means to release their own works to the public, or even what social norms dictate. No, these people should not publish their books if they cannot deal with the publicity. There will always be critics, but there will also always be admirers.

I hate that people are being treated this way. Every person's opinion is important, and if there is disagreement, it should be made with logical support. There is so much nastiness going on right now in the YA community, I'm wondering whether I stepped in at the wrong time. Reading is supposed to be enjoyable, not a bunch of veiled threats and warnings or blocked/flagged reviews/comments appearing everywhere. It makes me sick that people will go so far to oppress a person for expressing an opinion, and the worst thing is that it doesn't seem like this will end soon.

Also, an observation I have made: the most successful authors generally don't have any of this reviewer trauma. A coincidence? I think not. It should be a right to readers to be able to express their opinions and discuss books with others without the fear of harassment. This isn't 1984 or The Hunger Games or communism. Basically, none of this mudslinging would exist if we could all communicate peacefully, and if opinionated authors would stay out of the business of reviewers, or at the very least not publicly slander them.

Anyway, I was totally just going to give a short "I can't read this due to author" but it became me rehashing this thing that's been bothering me awhile now.

Whatever. I don't care. I needed to say it. Peace, comrades.

Edit: I just read part of this book to see if it warranted the one star I gave it, and my wonky internet just wiped out a bunch of notes I took.

All in all: this book is mind numbingly boring, the sentences are poorly constructed, the MC is dry as a sunbaked piece of driftwood, and I would rather read my AP biology textbook than any of this. Even the platyhelminthes have more interesting mating procedures than this thing.
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message 1: by Arushi (new)

 Arushi The successful authors are successful because even though they care about the negative reviews, they know better than attacking the people who wrote them. They're successful because they understand that their book is not.meant.for.everyone.

I'm not even going to bother adding this book to my shelves and saying anything about it.

Sophie I think the best solution is just to keep off of Goodreads if you think you can't handle criticism. It would make life easier for everyone.

Good choice. It's a waste of time.

message 3: by Arushi (new)

 Arushi A teacher that I really respect told me that if you can take criticism, half your job is already done.


Is that so hard to understand?

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