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Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry
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May 31, 12

This book is horrible.

(Full disclosure: once upon a time, I thought Dave Barry was funny -- in the 80's -- so not a total hater.)

But I'm a huge J.M. Barrie fan (or Johnny Depp-as-J.M. Barrie).

p.s. I read it -- b/c I heard on comingsoon: they're going to make it into a movie.

Read the real Peter Pan alongside it -- I was doing that -- and you'll feel totally insulted.

The original...We've all seen the Disney cartoon (and the legend is so big), so we think we know it. But no.

It's so well-written. Every single line is funny, practically.

And he sticks in some side-commentary, for example...Fantastic.

(The 2003 live action Pan is pretty great -- also b/c it's close to the book. So, I mean: better than Disney.)

Anyhow: the book is horrible. And a terrible affront to the memory and real thing.

Peter & the Starcatchers not funny at all. I would say: "Like they're not even trying...but they are a tiny bit, and it doesn't work."

The plot is really small and frail. Could sum it up in one paragraph: a treasure chest full of fairy dust. The bad guys try to steal it. (The good guys try to stop them. It's a race.) Peter gets some, and it makes him fly.

And it's so formulaic -- like, they have a list. "Okay. What do we need in there, to make it look like a Peter Pan book ?

A boy named Peter: check.

Someone who ends up being Hook: check.
"Let's call him Black Stache. That's a stupid name." Check.

Smittee, some fairy dust, alligator, mermaids, flying...

Anyhow, I'm really angry. It's one of the saddest things I've ever read. A rip-off and a cheap knock-off, forgery / travesty... Really just an insult to one of the greatest stories ever.

And so now Disney is turning it into a movie.

Here's the thing, too: I, personally, would love to see the further adventures of Peter Pan -- if someone could write them well, make them interesting.

Be true to the original (even the side-commentary, I think)...Of course, have some of the old elements -- but have some new stuff, too, that's cool and interesting. Fun.

The new stuff here: talking porpoises. Horrible.

Really -- like "Worst.Book.Ever."

(I wanted to put zero stars. But I had to put one, so they knew I registered.)

p.s. Final thought: I think I'm going to write my own further adventures of Peter Pan, someday.

Just to prove it can be done: better. If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Already started brainstorming.
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message 1: by Von (new) - rated it 3 stars

Von Sowards You said: "Read the real Peter Pan alongside it -- I was doing that -- and you'll feel totally insulted." You make it sound like getting insulted is the goal. Why would I want to be insulted? If it would be less enjoyable to read the two side by side then wouldn't I have a better time with it if I did not read them side by side? Think about it for a minute! It sounds like you read the book with the intention of get offended.

That's weird.....

message 2: by Gretchen (new) - added it

Gretchen I agree with Von Sowards. I REALLY want to read this book no matter different it is from the original. :)

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