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The Red House by Mark Haddon
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Jun 17, 2012

really liked it
Read in June, 2012

Not a review, just some passages that I wanted to remember:

Dominic on his daughter, Daisy:
"He wondered sometimes if he loved Daisy not because of the strength of her belief but because of her loneliness, the mess she was making of her life, the way it rhymed with his own."

From Melissa:
"A banana-yellow caterpillar reared up like a tiny question mark on the arm of the bench. She was about to flick it away when she imagined it having a name in a children's book, but suddenly there was a green taxi bumping through the gate and Alex and his little brother spilled from the door like clowns from a circus car."

From Dominic to Richard regarding Melissa:
"She's a teenager. Your job is to be completely and utterly in the wrong."

Regarding Dominic:
"People counted Dominic as their friend but no one counted him as their best friend. Angela thought of it as cowardice, though she tried not to think of it very often. A failure to engage properly with the world. The mortgage arrears, the car being towed to a scrapyard. Nothing mattered enough...He thought of it as a blessing once, not being haunted by the terrible wanting that blighted so many lives, but he looked at Daisy's screwed-up religion, Alex being carted away in an ambulance after that race, Angela trying to save some white-trash kid who'd end up in prison anyway, and he realized that all of them had reasons to be alive in a way that he didn't."

From Daisy:
"She missed Lauren. She missed Jack. She needed someone who would simply be interested, someone who would say, 'Tell me more,' not 'This is what you have to do.'

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