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Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden
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May 30, 2012

it was amazing

The story behind this book takes a little backround knowledge. they were several war leaders in Somalia and were killing many people. We wanted to capture them to stop the war crimes. They were meeting in a hotel in the city of Mogidoshu. We went in to capture them and a black hawk went down in the city. We got stuck in the city overnight when it was supposed to be a in and out mission.

The movie displays the setting almost excatly how I imagined it. The characters played their roles well and the visual effects were great. There were some things that they left out that I wished they hadn't. In the movie they left out almost the entire first quater of the book, which was about the soilders life in the stationed area before the mission. It got you to know the characters before the actual mission. They did training excersises and in one part a helicopter cracshed during an excercise.

The setting of the book was in a city in Africa. It was always hot and everyone had to find a way to stay entertained. The soilders were always hanging around in the hangar. During the mission, the setting turned to chaotic and loud. I would recomment this book to anyone who like a book that keeps you guessing. This book does have a bit of language but it just shows you how the life of soilders really is on and off the battlefield.

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