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Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff
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Sep 13, 2012

really liked it
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Read from August 17 to 18, 2012

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One word = WOW. Isn't that cover EPIC? The girl in the cover looks kick-ass with the way she's yielding the katana and the background is absolutely breath-taking! Plus, the 5 symbols in the corner of the book is amazing too. The cover really reflects the book!


Would you live in a Japanese-inspired steampunk world?

My answer = YES. YES if I can live in Stormdancer's world. YES YES YES. はいはいはい! Well, if you haven't noticed, I completely adored this book! Since like Jay, I LOVE JAPAN so I really connected with the amazing world Jay has created in Stormdancer. His world-building is really detailed and his rich descriptions add to the overall "amazing-ness" of this book!

So, have you read a book set in a Japanese-inspired world but combines both fantasy and steampunk genre? Stormdancer is just WOW. Jay's rich writing allows me to actually imagine myself living in this world. Not to mention the kick-ass story plot. Have I mentioned how AMAZING it is? It's packed with actions and while I'm usually a huge fan of romance, I just need more and more fight scenes! But don't worry, there's surprisingly a sweet sweet romance in this book which I completely did not expect! The bonding between Yukiko and Buruu, the thunder tiger (arashitora) is really quite beautiful. The bond created between them is strong, fierce and when they fight together, it feels as though they can beat anything in this world. The only problem I had with this book was it didn't quite hooked me in the beginning but as the story developed, I was really hooked, particularly the last 100 pages of the book! To top it all, I LOVE all the Japanese words used in this book. It really enhances readers' experience since this book is set in a Japanese-inspired world and I think, I'll have to call Jay 'Jay-sama' instead of just 'Jay' since his book is kick-ass!

Yukiko is definitely one of the best heroines out there. She is strong-willed, determined and I really adore her! Buruu is a very cool arashitora. I'm sort of scared of Buruu in the beginning since he can be really scary at times but once you get to know him, he is actually quite sweet! Yukiko's father, Masaru is cool too. Yes, his drinking habit is annoying but Yukiko still loves him! Isn't she such a great daughter?

Onto Yukikos' love interest! So there's this guy called Hiro, the boy with the sea-green eyes and Kin, the sweet artificer. While I adore them both, I probably prefer Buruu! Who cares if he's not a real boy? He's a thunder tiger! But fine, if you ask me to choose between those two, then it will definitely be Kin! He's too sweet, kind and is pretty much willing to do anything for Yukiko! There are many other characters who are equally amazing but Jay-sama, your characters are truly brilliant.

What happens when steampunk, Japan and fantasy collides? BAM! Stormdancer is born. With the talented Jay-sama's writing, rich descriptions and setting, kick-ass characters (including a THUNDER TIGER), this debut novel will leave you breathless and wanting for more! Absolutely recommended to everyone!

Thank you Pan Macmillan Australia for the review copy!
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Keely :O I'm jelly

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Keely :O I'm jelly

Celine Hehehehehe, can't wait to read it! Been hearing nothing but great things about it ;)

Alice ♔ You lucky potato you. *glomps*

hold up.


I'M SO JEALOUS. Can I have your spare time? *steals*


I did! It's the weekend so yes, I have spare time to read! :P

*hands you spare time*

There you go! ;)


Alice ♔ YOU ARE.

*sobs* For me, weekend = TIME TO TYPE UP SOME SCIENCE NOTES! whoooooooooooot!

Well, without the flailing and 'whoot'ing. *cough*

Thank you bb! <3 Good luck for you too! Is Chemistry going okay for you?

Celine WHOOOOOTTT! Hahahahaha.

Chemistry is going okay! I'm finally getting what we're learning now! We're doing Balancing Redox Equation and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It's so.....fun XP

Alice ♔ Ohh that's so good then. <3 I remember you were kind of stressed about Chem before. Ohhh redox equations! WHOOT! Is that just balancing the electons or are you also up to where you balance with H2O and H+ ions too? :O

Celine I think it's all of them! I also have to balance with H2O and H+ ions :) BUT I LOVE THEM! And there's also the part where I have to balance the redox equations in acidic or basic solutions!

Awww, I feel honoured that you remember <3 LOVE YOU ALICE! ;)

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Alice ♔ Ohhhh...I don't think we balance them in acidic or basic solutions in VCE Chem because I've gone through the whole course and no sign of them. XD


Celine Geez, Alice, you are too dilligent! I would not have gone through the whole course if it's not required in the course :P

You are TOO AMAZING! <3

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