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The Siren by Tiffany Reisz
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A book that fails to leave my feelings unscathed, is a book worth my time. The Siren had me crying my eyeballs out- I don't remember doing that, if ever. However, I have to agree with some of the reviews suggesting this book being a hit or miss, and definitely not everyone's cup of tea-specially if you need your HEA fix.

In order to fully appreciate the story and its characters, you need to read it with an open mind. I will go as far as to say that It challenged my views/beliefs a time or two;not because I`m not sure where I stand,but because their reasons to lead a different lifestyle were as valid as any. Yes, their limits often perils in the harmful and unhealthy, but that`s precisely why they emphasize about rules, control, and implicit trust-definitely not for everyone.But if rocks your boat,and following the "hurt but not harm" rule, then I respect that. We all have a penchant for pain and discomfort in our lives after all; that being the emotional kind, the need to keep drama alive, failure to let go of the past,guilt,inability to forgive,pleasing others to feel validated, etc. The quote by a Spanish poet translates: "Pain changes form,but never it`s intensity" couldn't describe my point more succinctly.

In my opinion,the story itself wasn't about erotica,romance,or S&M exclusively; It was more geared to the inner struggles we face when trying to accept ourselves completely as we are. In this case,I felt Nora struggled to embrace,and love who she was-she couldn't accept love freely. Søren with his sadistic nature loved her unashamedly;so much that he was giving up a part of his life for her, and when Nora refused,he let her walk away so she could find her own way instead. I can`t say I was fond of him or agreed with the way he showed affection, but whenever he spoke in the book there was so much conviction on what he believed-the simplicity of his creed; accept as "IS" that it made me feel a profound respect for guy.
Wesley was an enchanting character that I admired, too. Even at his young age, he was level headed and knew what he wanted. Unfortunately, he was forced to learn the hard way that no one can be saved unless they wish it so. As Søren said it best: "He is waiting for Nora to grow up" not because she was immature, but because she kept flapping from one lifestyle to the other;inadvertently hurting and harming the people she loved,but mostly herself.

Zach was another deal altogether. Nora`s feelings for Zach weren't as complex as those for Wesley and Søren, but the connection they shared over their professional life was a strong one. Nora felt challenged by Zach`s ruthlessness as an editor,and compelled by his suffering.I felt their relationship sprung from a need to feel needed;Zach pushed Nora`s boundaries and gave her the recognition she long deserved, while Nora helped Zach see past his guilt.Keeping up with the dark theme of the book, their relationship got tangled playing with fire.. and boy, that physical and mental foreplay was HOT! It was somewhat frustrating, but no less satisfying.

Which leads me to Nora. Ahhh did I feel for her. No, actually,I care for them all equally;they were all so imperfect,but so genuine in their own right.I admired Nora`s backbone the most. She knew how to call the shots, thrived in challenge, and admit when she was wrong.she dare to live her life to fullest-flipping the middle finger if it life didn't comply.Definitely not apologetic for perusing her dreams.I love her. Sadly, she was caught up in her own darkness. S&M was part of her life as as much as the purity and tenderness Wesley`s love offered her. They both made part of who she was, but couldn't force one on the other ,or herself to be someone she wasn't for that matter. So here is crux of the dilemma. I felt like telling Nora " we can have everything,just not at the same time.Live and let go when it's time" ahh but living a full life is so damn difficult anyways...

The book does a beautiful job developing her story,albeit inconclusive(part 2 coming soon). Did I like how the story ended? the mushy me didn't, but realistically and to be fair, I think it reached the best conclusion possible. Which at the end made me love the book even more. The writing was witty, smart, introspective, luscious, dark, emotional.. and so very CLASSY despite its dark theme.

Thank you so much, Annie for the recommendation! :)
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Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Oh yay! So glad you enjoyed it! I loved this book so much!

Autumn  I know!! thank you, thank you for steering me in that direction. Needless to say that if you encounter a similar book, though doubt it :P please send it my way! I very rarely write reviews, because my thoughts are 100 mph and it takes a long time to arrange them. i suck at reviews, but for this book I simply had to.


Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) This is a great review!!! When I wrote my review, I remember sitting there staring at the screen for forever just trying to get my thoughts in order. I agree, some books you just need to get your thoughts out.

I will let you know if I find anything else!!

Autumn  aww thank you. It means a lot coming from a great reviewer like you!

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Oh, you're gonna make me blush! You should do more reviews ;)

Karla Excellent review Autumn! This is one of the best books I've read this year!

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