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The Light Warrior by Cynthia Robbins
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May 29, 2012

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Lucy Hayes has felt out of place all her life. Never quite fitting in. Always feeling like something was missing or out of place, right up to the start of her Freshman year at Willamette University. It is then that her life is turned upside down by a handsome stranger named Eli who hints that she is the key to something bigger. Her life is then turned absolutely inside out when dark forces enter her life, requiring Eli to rescue her and reveal her true nature: She is a Light Warrior, an Ascended Being, who has voluntarily assumed human form to combat evil forces that want to keep earth ignorant of its magical past, and deny its potential place among the star races. A cosmic rule prevents Ascended Beings from interfering directly in the affairs of mankind, but that is not the case for the Dark Brotherhood, an earthbound order of extraterrestrial reptilians and soul sucking space vampires who in the distant past outright enslaved humanity, but now rule through misinformation and conspiracy with complicit evil humans.

It's up to Lucy Hayes to take her rightful place at Eli's side and his band of Light Warriors who come from diverse backgrounds and skills. Lucy's untapped potential will be the key they've been waiting for to open the Light Gates...pathways of cosmic energy that have been cut off by the Dark Brotherhood to prevent earth from basking in the loving glow of the Universe. Once that has been done, the world will see with unfiltered eyes the lies they've been living under and rise up.

Unfortunately, to get around the cosmic noninterference rule Lucy had to descend to earth as a naturally born human, leaving her confused, weakened, and ignorant of her previous life. It is a race against time for Eli and his band to train and prepare her for the final battle before evil can permanently shut the gates. This all becomes more challenging when Eli and Lucy fall in love just about the time help arrives in the form of Lucy's soul mate from her previous life, and Aron isn't about to give her up without a fight.

Can Lucy overcome her doubts about her abilities, and quiet the distracting struggle in her heart between the love for what she knows, and the stirring memories of a mate before it's too late?
If you're into adventure, romance, science fiction, alternative history, time travel, and higher planes of existence, you’ll enjoy The Light Warrior.

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