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Rape Girl by Alina Klein
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May 29, 2012

it was ok
Read from May 29 to June 02, 2012

I was blown away by the bluntness of this title and thought to give it a chance because why the heck not!... after all, Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak, an acclaimed YA novel that tackles rape as well, is one of my all-time favorite reads. I wasn't wrong about that - I mean, that part where this book obvs uses rape as the main issue. Where I was wrong was about thinking it could climb up to the pedestal where I put Speak. HOLD ON, THOUGH! It is not because it was badly-written. I just didn't think Alina Klein picked the best way to tell the story of a girl's rape aftermath. (Plus, did Klein just outline this story from Speak and jumbled the parts to make it ~fresher and more ~hers??? *appalled face*)But here are golden moments:

-Rape is a sensitive issue and not all writers rave about writing about it, such as its aftermaths, so I commend Klein for choosing and writing about it.
-Sometimes I honestly can't tell whether a certain novel is being thoroughly fictitious or not, because at the rate this world is going, every little thing in fiction might just as well be rooted from reality. That was my thought while reading Rape Girl. Does all this happen in real life? All this pain, shame and regret?? And then I answer myself, YES, and I guess that's when I decided that this book reaches out ~realistically and those who have undergone the same situation could very well relate.
-I like how Valerie's mom is involved in her life, especially in the rape matter. Parental units are usually the last to know in cases like this.

-I couldn't connect with Valerie, even before she got raped or after she did. She appealed to me as someone who tries so hard to be cool at first, and then she became shriveled up and no-personality by the latter part.
-As I said, I don't think using the flashback-per-chapter technique was the best way to go in telling a story like this. (Or maybe I'm just biased with how Speak was written. Can't argue with myself because that thing was genius.)

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