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Lost in Shangri-la by Mitchell Zuckoff
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May 29, 2012

it was ok

This book starts out with a group of people taking a joy ride with a plane and surprise they get in a crash. This book was very predictable It gave me no surprises. later in the book they get joined in their struggle from American paratroopers. They can't get helped by a plane because there is no place to land. Helicopters can't fly in the thin mountain air.They decide that the only way to escape is to have a plane fly over with a hook.
There was no movie for this book but I would imagine that it would be very boring. They could make this movie more exciting with more action scenes. Some people would like this movie of course but most people would not like it and it would get very bad ratings.Though I you love this book you would like the movie.
I would not recommend this book to anyone. The reason why is this book was very boring to read and I felt as if I was dragging myself through to read it. This book did not have appropriate characters either a beautiful girl in a wild jungle full of cannibals. I personally did not like the authors writhing style at all but you never know you could like this book yourself. If I wrote the book I would have made more engaging characters that you would want to read about and be. I would also have made a better plot. So all in all I did not like this book.

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Cindy Elmore Its a true story... how can he change the plot?

☯Emily He probably didn't realize it was a true historical event!

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