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Angel by Brian Lynch
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May 29, 2012

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Following Joss Whedon's triumphant return to the Angel-verse in the first book, this second volume takes the time to chronicle the events following the Wolfram and Hart battle. Angel takes a dive off a building, discovering the hard way that he has been turned human. Spike thinks he's out of the game, but still allows his inner hero to take over. The timeshifts of Illyria revert her back and forth to Fred, forcing Spike to take her under his protection. Kate makes her return, inspiring the now-whole Connor to seek out his own destiny. Gwen learns that her powers are no longer under control in Hell-A, isolating her once more. A musical rhyme time gives us the story of Lorne's rise to power in Silverlake; a wrenching look at the temptation of Wesley reveals his return. We get a peek into the citizenry of LA, and conclude with Gunn's transformation. While not necessary to enjoy the Fall event, these blurbs give us the needed answers to the question: What happened after the Fall?

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