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Princess in the Spotlight by Meg Cabot
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Sep 30, 2013

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Read in June, 2012

Second in the Princess Diaries Young Adult series about a geeky fourteen-year-old girl who has learned she's a princess and heir to a throne.

My Take
Cabot does a good job of portraying typical teen self-centeredness, frustrations, and obsessions. Mia is something of a dingbat, but also a typical teen making everything about her, jumping to conclusions, and almost never thinking before she acts or speaks.

I do like the diary layout. It's so perfect for conveying Mia's thoughts!

How is it that Phillipe can spend so much time out of the country he reigns?

Too funny how obsessed the vegetarian Mia is about getting her mom to eat healthily for the baby.

No, I can't believe a high school principal is that oblivious?!!

Hmmm, I think Michael may not be seeing Mia as his little sister's best friend…

Loved it when the snotty Grandmére has to party without the guests of honor. It's only what she deserves when Mia's mom's friends can attend the wedding by standing outside on the sidewalk and waving…?!

It's a cute story with a nice dose of reality to it. And it even bears a passing resemblance to the movie. Which, sadly, I preferred to the book.

The Story
Drama, drama, drama. First it's Mom's baby and Mr. G. Then that elusive email writer who just has to be Michael. Throw in all the extravaganza of a wedding and the hideous prospect of a TV interview...eek...

The Characters
Mia Thermopolis is a fourteen-year-old who's just learned she's the only heir to the throne. Fat Louie is her sock-eating cat. Lilly Moscovtiz has been her best friend since kindergarten and has her own cable TV show, Lily Tells It Like It Is. Michael, a senior, is Lilly's hunky brother whom Mia has loved and drooled over forever.

Helen Thermopolis is Mia's mom, an artist with an upcoming show. Frank Gianni is Mia's algebra teacher who has knocked up her mom. They elope to Mexico to avoid the wedding extravaganza Grandmére wants to put on. Mamaw and Pepaw are Helen's hated parents, who run a hardware store in Versailles, Indiana. Grandmére flies them and Hank out for the wedding. Lilly gets her hands on Hank along with his ambition to be a Calvin Klein underwear model.

Artur Christoff Phillipe Gerard Grimaldi Renaldo, Prince of Genovia and reigning monarch, is a playboy who had a fling in college which resulted in Mia. He's shared custody with Helen by having Mia spend her summers in France. Then he got testicular cancer, and Mia is his only offspring.

Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi is her Royal Highness, the Princess of Genovia, the dowager princess, and Grandmére. She is teaching Mia all she needs to know before meeting the Genovian people in December. Rommel is her furless poodle. Vigo is Grandmére's Master of Protocol and event organizer. Lars is her bodyguard.

Jo Crox is Mia's secret email admirer whom Mia fantasizes is Michael. Boris Pelkowski, a Russian with a horrible violin, is Lilly's boyfriend.

Beverly Bellerieve is the host of Twenty-four/Seven and interviews Mia on her show.

Tina Hakim Baba has her own bodyguard. Shameeka is in trouble after Mia's TV interview.

The Cover
The cover on the book I read had a bright, pretty blue for a background with a gold keyhole as metaphor for the diary concept. The author, crown, and the specific part of the tile is picked out in metallic silver while the "Princess" is in a royal blue, each outlined with teeny-tiny spotlights. Very clever.

The title certainly reflect the story for Mia is a Princess in the Spotlight.
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