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Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0 by Randolph Lalonde
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May 29, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: science-fiction
Read in May, 2012

First Paragraphs

Book 1 - Freeground
"The odds weren’t in our favour. They rarely were, but this time it was different. The stakes were higher. As I drifted through the silence of space in my Raze Starfighter, I got a shiver. All systems were deactivated, including life support. Our wing was hiding behind thousands of meteors we had stirred up and directed at a nearby gas giant.

Lalonde, Randolph (2010-12-01). Origins (Spinward Fringe) (Kindle Locations 26-28). . Kindle Edition.

Book 2 - Limbo
"Just as intelligence had predicted, the engagement in the Gai-Ian system was a slow, easy push. Looking at the status holograms and the primary projection with the scale rendering of the planet and defensive fleet, I felt almost invincible. I looked from the dais of the command chair across the thirty-eight bridge crewmen who were all busy performing their numerous duties: running ship systems, commanding their sections, and making sure that my carrier held together for her thirty-fifth engagement."

Lalonde, Randolph (2010-12-01). Origins (Spinward Fringe) (Kindle Locations 1914-1918). . Kindle Edition.

Book 3 - Starfree Port
""Vasquez is gone. She was right behind me one minute, then there was a bulkhead between us and she was flushed out the air lock,” reported one of the senior recovery staff as he rushed into the control room. It was Fred Gersch. Technically sound, great systems engineer. “I’m guessing her headpiece was clipped to her belt like yours is right now?” "

Lalonde, Randolph (2010-12-01). Origins (Spinward Fringe) (Kindle Locations 4286-4288). . Kindle Edition.
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