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Wings by E.D. Baker
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Sep 13, 09

Tamisin has always felt like the strangest girl in school. She only wishes she could have normal problems like the rest of her classmates. Instead of worrying about pimples and fashion, she had to deal with freckles that sparkle and how to best hide her oddly pointed ears. There is also the tiny issue of her newly sprouted wings. If this doesn't put a damper on her social life, perhaps the goblins that follow her will. Tamisin wants nothing more than to figure out what is going on, and she hopes that she will before the next full moon causes her to dance uncontrollably. If only someone could help her out.

Just when Tamisin's life seems to be at it's worst, the new boy at school, Jak, seems to be interested in her. While this does boost her confidence bit, she can't help but notice that there is something a bit odd about Jak. She doesn't let it bother her too much, after all, she's not quite a normal girl. She should enjoy his attention. Tamisin feels like she has finally found someone who can understand her. She and Jak seem to have a lot in common, maybe even more than she thinks.

What is supposed to be a night of fun at a Halloween party will transport the two of them to a magical place where they are about to begin an incredible adventure. They will encounter creatures that should only exist in dreams...and nightmares. Tamisin and Jak are on the run from danger and fighting for their lives. They find themselves right in the middle of a war between goblins and fairies. The two of them must be brave and wise if there is any hope for this fairy tale to have a happy ending.

Join the fun and fall in love in the land of the fey. If you believe in fairy tales, Wings will fly you away. But if you are afraid of heights, you can always ask Herbert the unicorn for a ride. He's a bit clingy, though. You might want to walk.

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