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Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer
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Sep 13, 2009

it was amazing

It's prom season in L.A. and everyone is caught up in the mad dash for dresses and dates. Everyone, that is, except for Cindy Ella Gold. Cindy believes that the prom is superficial and it only promotes the separation of the 'popular' and 'unpopular', plus it might make some people feel bad who don't have dates. It bothers her that everything people say and do seems to revolve around the prom. So she decides to write a letter to the school paper (as a service to her classmates) to share her opinions and give her support to those who don't have prom-fever.

Unfortunately for Cindy, nobody else seems to share her thoughts. Her letter has made her the most unpopular person in the school. Instead of impressing people she has made them angry with her. Even her adorably quirky best friends, India (the hippie goddess) and Malcolm (the 80s movie enthusiast), are falling victim to prom-mania. Her materialistic, Lifetime-movie-obsessed stepmother and snobby stepsisters are embarrassed by her and she keeps making a fool of herself in front of the guys she is crushing on (that's right, guys, and one of them she's sure is her soul mate). It seems like she's only got two people left in the world that she can talk to. It's too bad that one of them is probably 3,000 miles away (and she only knows him by his screen name) and the other wears diapers.

Will poor Cindy Ella ever get her happy ending? She doesn't believe in fairy tales, but there is someone out there who would love to prove her wrong. Maybe this person will even deliver her a prince.

This is such a fun, cute and hilarious modern Cinderella story. Cindy is the kind of girl that everyone can relate to in some way. You will find yourself laughing out loud at the situations she gets herself into and rooting for her to prevail. Cindy Ella is just a great book that will leave you smiling and feeling good. You know, sometimes it's nice to read something that's, well, nice. It doesn't matter if you are a prom queen or a wallflower. This book will sweep you off your feet either way.

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