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Crank by Ellen Hopkins
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Nov 07, 08

Recommended to Kaylee by: Rachel M. and Ashley R.
Recommended for: EVERYONEEE thats older than hgh school
Read in November, 2008 , read count: 1

** spoiler alert ** CRANK

“I gained a terrible insight. Chase was not the baby’s father, Brendan was!” Kristina is a normal girl until the summer that she ends up arriving at her father’s house. She meets and falls in love with this guy named Adam, who later introduces her to the monster, Crank.

During that summer Kristina became a totally different person named Bree. Bree is the devil conscience in the back of her head, she ends up overpowering Kristina and causes all kinds of trouble. Kristina arrives home and meets these two guys, she has a choice take the nice one or the rebel. Of course she picks the rebel (she wouldn’t be a girl if she didn’t, I mean what girl goes after the right one?), chase. Than she decides to give the other one a chance, Brendan. When Bree becomes more powerful than Kristina, Kristina is raped more than once, pregnant, takes all the drugs you could imagine, and oh ya, falls in love AGAIN!

I would recommend this book to any high school kids because a lot of them this would really hit home on how bad all of this stuff is and how bad reality is. Kristina would have to be my favorite because I think she is a strong girl as an individual. Now Bree on the other hand, I don’t like her so much, she caused too much trouble and too much heartache.

At first the book was really slow but when she started to take all the drugs with her dad, that’s when it got captivating. When I read the ending I was shocked, I would have never thought that she pregnant! This book kept me on my toes the whole time I was reading it, this is defiantly a book that you would not be able to put down.

I really don’t know why the author wrote this book, maybe her intentions were to show people reality and how hard it is when it hits you. Now if this was made into a movie, I would LOVE ITTT!! I would pick Britney Spears for Kristina, because she is already crazy. For Adam I would go with Matthew McConahay, just because he’s hot and that’s how I picture Adam! For Brendan I would go with Michael Jackson just because he raped a little boy, and for chase, I would have to say Brad Pitt.

Go and get Crank and read it now, because you will not be able to put it down ever, it is that good!
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Lori awesome --- Grade: 100

message 2: by Yvonne (new)

Yvonne err...thanks for telling me there's spoilers in your post!!! you should hide this post so that people who haven't read the book don't find out who the father is before they've even picked the book up!

message 3: by bea (new)

bea P Oh.gosh. THANKS FOR THE SPOILERS.......!!!!! sheesh.

message 4: by Robot (new)

Robot Bloody HELL! You completely spoiled the book for anyone who read your obnoxiously underlined review! JEEEZ.

message 5: by G-mantwana (new)

G-mantwana Shariyansta yeah

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