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Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley
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May 28, 2012

it was amazing
Read in May, 2012

*sigh* I hate that the Dream Man series is over :( But I look forward to the Chaos series now ;)

I kinda hated Tack at first. I wasn't really attracted to him in Mystery Man when he & Gwen had their little "thing"... I dunno... he just seemed kinda creepy then lol BUT, of course, KA had to go & make him mouthwatering hot in MM, so it's all good. Just picturing his sapphire blue eyes w/ laugh lines around 'em, him a in tight, white t-shirt, faded jeans & motorcycle boots... guh Who wouldn't want him? But I was a little, well, a lot put off at him at the beginning, which I know KA wants us to be. Ugh, he came out kissing that Beebee ho the next morning after he'd been w/ Tyra *growls* I felt bad for Tyra that he hadn't even given her that same courtesy... although, it was her fault for jumpin' in bed w/ him in the first place actin' all ho'ish, too... js Also, when he showed up at her house w/ the pizza because he was avoiding Naomi? I was pissed then too that he might've been using her...

I liked that Tyra pushed back against Tack's extreme hot alpha dude bossiness & usually got some kind of rise out of him (pun intended?). I think the average woman would balk at being told what to do so often; I know I would, but then again, I've never been with a man who looks like these guys are described as being, so I might just stand & drool while nodding at whatever they say ;)

Overall, loved the book. I'm stuck in KA's books & would read 'em 24-7 if real life didn't have to intervene & she'd produce at least one a week ;)
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Sheryl Here, here coach!!! Totally agree!!!

Coachlady1 Can I have Tack's mouth now??? *snort*

Bakudis Hi Coachlady

Like like a lot Tack, little bit like Tate Sweet Dream.
This my fav from Dream Man Series. :)

Yeah agree with u, Hate when He and Gwen have A thing.. jeezzz.,I think KA put Tyra for Tack just Great awesome Couple.

I just don't like when Tack said at the time Gwen was the “sun” he said had “staying power”. I mean, is it Love or just Like to Gwen? i dont like Gwen is first woman before Tyra, hahaha i just jealous for Tyra.. :)

Coachlady1 Hi! :)

OMG I KNOW! I didn't like that Gwen was even a THOUGHT in Tack's mind... grrrr But, yes, he and Tyra made a good couple, well, after they got things settled ;)

I think this would have to be my favorite from this series also! Out of all KA's books, though, I think Sweet Dreams (Tate!!) would be my favorite overall... or At Peace (Joe!!) lol Pretty much love all her books, thought. Gotta love those hot, alpha males :)

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