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Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson
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Feb 08, 2015

it was amazing
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“War is far worse. At least where politics is going on, there are
usually nice hors d’oeuvres.”

As with his first novel "Elantris" - this novel is an epic tale in one book (rather than a trilogy or more)... uncommon by scifi standards and greatly appreciated by those who loath dragged out plots.

The door slammed open. Vivenna jumped, putting a hand to her chest.

Vasher walked in. 'Start reaching for that sword when you're startled,' he said. 'There's little reason to grab your shirt, unless you're planning to rip it off.”

“Is there some kind of subtext to our current conversation? Because, as you might know, I am absolutely terrible with subtext. It gives me a headache."
"You can't get headaches,"
"Well I can't get subtext either. Far too subtle for me.”

This is a book which would appeal to scifi fans as well as mainstream readers of fiction. It has some politics, intrigue, suspense, magic, romance and action - all within a great premise. I urge you to read this book. Even those who dislike scifi will enjoy this book (perhaps more then conventional scifi fans). Its more Star Wars than Star Trek... Glamorous not geeky.
I immensely appreciated the the fast-paced gripping tale, the charisma of the main characters and the magic which manages to manifest itself into the pages of every book.
Elantris was the author's first novel and you can perceive when reading this book how well developed his writing skills have become. The female characters in particular are far more realistic and well developed in this book than in Elantris.
The characters are not perfect - the author portrays their weaknesses as well as their strength in a compelling manner. Their development in the book is both a joy to read as well as a well thought out twist.
Lightsong's tale - an intriguing sub-plot - is one of my favourite parts of the book. I won't divulge any more - suffice it to say - he surprises himself as well as his audience.
I highly recommend you read this. Its not a masterpiece with profound prose, but it is a great form of escapism!
The only issue I have with the authors books are that they focus on a political system which is not only out-dated (monarchy rule is ridiculous for any free thinking society) and hence the amount of Royals, "noblemen" etc are rather unsophisticated. I would be thrilled if a book could be published based on a democratic society threatened by a scifi version of Rupert Murdoch.

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