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Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard
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May 28, 12

bookshelves: teen-mystery, young-adult
Read in May, 2012

This book is a big improvement from The Lying Game. The pace is much faster, so it at least feels like the plot is advancing. This book is entirely focused on a red herring, but Emma at least discovers a few clues about Sutton's death. Emma also learns more about Sutton's friends, her father, and Laurel, which helps make everyone seem a little more real. All the characters are still pretty bland, probably to maintain the mystery for more books, but they are at least beginning to behave more like human beings. Another good aspect of Never Have I Ever, like the previous book, is that there continues to be real danger in Emma's investigations.

The biggest problem is the mystery. By the end of this book, Emma has been living as Sutton for two months. Again, it does not occur to Emma to investigate parts of Sutton's life, like her impounded car, until long after most people would have thought of it. Also, many of the reveals just aren't that surprising and were foreshadowed way too heavily. This just makes Emma and Sutton look stupid.

Even though I did not dislike Never Have I Ever, I do not think that I would be reading it if I had nor already owned it. The book is short and fluffy enough that I flew through it in less than two hours, and in this case a fast reading really helps. There are several aspects of the writing style that would bother me much more if I was spending more time on this series. The style of narration is still mostly an annoyance. Shepard also has a tendency to use the same phrasing in the many sections of the book that describe Emma feeling like someone is watching her, which makes the whole thing feel even more repetitive than it should.

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Reempi Borgohain Agree that the lying game #4 has flaws. But it's the mystery and the original suspence that keeps us going. Plus, it's Sara Shepard. The plot's bound to be dragged. at least, it isn't remotely close to the number of PLL books. i believe it's worth the patience and expectance. and as far as the flaws are concerned, it's the basic and the most obvious- the twists and turns sometime wind up being too formulaic, so much so, that we can foretell who the killer/murderer isn't. Other than that, i think it totally and certainly justifies it's YA murdery mystery content.

Vanessa I've read most of her books. I'd rather not grade her on too much of a curve. I thought this one was one of her worse books, and I like this series generally.

Vanessa Sorry, Reempi. This is a review of only The Lying Game #2. My review isn't for the series as a whole. I'm only commenting on the second novel in the series. I didn't like having a spoiler for the fourth book in the series in the comments of my review, especially since I haven't read that one yet. I've given individual books that Sara Shepard has written anywhere between a one and a four.

Reempi Borgohain I don't think i gave any sort of spoilers for the fourth book. i was giving my review on #4, that's all. And i understand that your review was throroughly for #2. And i reckon that if you rate #2 with that much of appreciation then i don't know what's going to happen until you reach #4. Because i thought book 2 was really much more anticipated by me and i was especially excited since it was the second book. book 4 gets way much more dragged!

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