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Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry
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May 27, 2012

it was amazing
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Oh Sweet Freaking EPIC. McGarry literally rocked my life with Pushing the Limits. I read this in one sitting, which we all know doesn't happen to often with me. I just couldn't put it down! Think about your favorite book, now duplicate that epic and you get the epic that is Pushing the Limits. (You like my mad math skills, huh?!) It's taken me awhile to write this review because I had no idea what to say. I had so many thoughts that I wanted to get out about this book and it was just one big rambling mess every time I tired to write it lol. So, lets get down to business and see how good this turns out!
Echo - is one amazing girl. She went through HELL and, unfortunately, remembers nothing. All she has to show for that night are the scars she keeps covered on her arms, and a mother she is not allowed to see. Her dad.. well, he is something else altogether. To Echo, the aftermath of that night caused her to lose everything. Her mother, her social life, her boyfriend, her friends.... Stuff like that is hard to bounce back from, but don't count her out just yet. She started seeing Mrs. Collins, the counselor at school - and this woman is all kinds of awesome. She starts working with Echo to get her to "remember" that nights events, so maybe Echo could begin to move forward and not be "stuck" in that one night.
Then you have Noah. Oh.Em.Gee! (Where can I get me one of him?! Seriously.) Like Echo, Noah went through his own version of hell. Now him and his two brothers are in foster care. While his brothers were placed together, Noah has been bounced around from home to home, finally ending up in a home where he meets the two people who become "family" - Isiah and Beth. Noah is interesting, to say the least. The way his mind works fascinates me. I constantly want to know what he's thinking! He's like a buried treasure, you have to dig and dig and dig, but when you get to the inner thoughts, it was totally worth the wait! All Noah is concentrating on right now is turning 18 and getting his brothers back, aside from that - he could careless about things. Then Echo comes into his life in the form of a tutor, assigned to him by the lovely Mrs. Collins - who Noah also happens to see.
Neither one of them are considered popular - so life gets a tad complicated when Echo's old boyfriend and friends try to reappear in the picture. (This is where my love for Noah jumps FULL FORCE into freaking awesome!) These two literally complete each other. I loved watching them fight, deny, and overcome everything to finally end up where they did. & if you haven't read this book, let me just tell you, it's an amazing ride to watch! Noah sees Echo for the girl she is NOW, unlike everyone else who wants her to be the girl she WAS. He sees HER and all anyone else sees are the scars. On the same hand, Echo gives Noah something more to look forward to.. a new reason to want to be.. better.
McGarry also happened to write some amazing secondary characters. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Beth. She is so interesting and I cannot wait to read her story and learn more about her! She kept me intrigued the entire book! Isiah is also another one. He just seems... complex, yet simple at the same time. I also want to see if he and Beth end up making anything out of it. I enjoyed the way she wrote the "bromance" between Noah and Isiah. Lastly, you have Mrs. Collins. To me, this book would have been not so epic without her. She literally made some parts of the book. We all need someone like her in our lives!
I think the only complaint I have with this book was Echo's dad and his wife. She just annoyed me to no end and I wanted to just... kick her. I couldn't wrap my head around her father - AT ALL - especially whenever everything came to light. Honestly though, I could read Pushing the Limits again and again, and it would NEVER get old. Katie McGarry did one amazing job with this!


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