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2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson
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Jun 12, 2012

did not like it

Well...where to begin...1st I must say that Mr. Robinson's Mars Trilogy is what got me reading Science Fiction. That said, I never really could "get into" 2312. The main reason was that the main protagonist, Wang, was described as a very accomplished person but never convinced me at any time in the book. Also the sun walkers just came-off as homeless people's wanderings to my perceptions. As a matter of fact the whole tone of the book to me was flat, observatory only of a species devolved. It's also depressing to see that the same problems, be it self-esteem of the individual or predatory and war-like of the collective could be at the same stage therefore stagnating, after a few centuries. I guess I like my illusion of a better future for us all. I realize that Mr. Robinson's literary style in this tome was also very different and takes some getting used to, I found it distracting along with the many stops to look-up words in the dictionary (the latter is not Mr. Robinson's fault!). On the whole it may be that the book was over my head as reading material goes. I guess I prefer my Science Fiction on the exploration of the Universe as opposed to a description of our species' devolution and life in a larger community than our own earth.

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David That bad? I just got a copy of this.

Pierrette To me it was...but you know how that goes, everyone's taste is different ;)... Not good when you keep reading only to see if it will get more inreresting :(

Jack Greenwood I hear what you are saying, and I agree somewhat. The Mars Trilogy was my first into to KSR, and to me, it set the bar. However, much as I was expecting 2312 to be set in the same timeline as the Mars Trilogy, it wasn't. It shared somewhat of a common history, but to leap to the realities of 2312 which take place only about 75 years from the end of Blue Mars, I was quite taken aback by humankind's evolution. Granted, this wasn't exactly set in the same "it's been 75 years since the last time" world, and although it shared some common themes, this one was different. Not a bad thing, perhaps we have been too biased by his earlier works.

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