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Rotter World by Scott M. Baker
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May 27, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on May 27, 2012

This is the last very late stoop on Scott’s blog tour. Yes, I am very behind, but I have a great excuse. I blame it all on Scott and his bunnies. See, Scott is working with IO Tours. He found me through them because I am one of their blog hosts. He asks the owner Vickie to contact me asking if I would review his book because I have bunnies and he has bunnies. Well, if you are a bunny person then you help out other bunny people. I will admit I did not want to read this book because I am not a big fan of vampire books, but (yes there is always a but) the bunnies and I really did enjoy reading this. Well maybe I enjoyed reading it more than they did. Because when reading the bunnies snuggle up next to me for pets but sometimes they get bored and start nibbling on stuff. If this was a paperback book and not digital then the book would have been half chewed up before I finished. Since I have gotten a digital reader the bunnies do not like it as much but they still try to chew on it. There are little teeth marks everywhere on it lol. Okay enough about Scott, the bunnies and me. Sorry I could go on for days about bunnies.
Oh my this book is not just about vampires. Is full of zombies. No I did not know this when I said I would read this book. Granted this is not my normal reading. However, I try to always read a book every couple of months. I do this to just to keep myself from staying in my little square box. If we read and think outside the box then we keep our mind open to everything that is possible.
This book starts out with a crew that is on a rescue mission. Yes, there are still humans that have not been infected with the virus. The strange part a small band of vampires and humans work together. Yes, a vampire released the virus that started everything, but remember that just like real life there is always good and bed people everywhere.
Okay, if you have read any of the Resident Evil books or watched the movies you will love this book. The only thing different is that (Scott or his bunnies I still have not figured out which one wrote the book) this book have lots more details. If you love the blood and guts then this is the book for you.
Early in the book, readers will meet the man responsible for releasing the virus. Many people do not like him. He convinces other in a stronghold that they need to travel 500 miles south to obtain the vaccine to the virus he released. Okay maybe it is me but this idiot released the vaccine, left it in some underground lab and wants others to go and get this. I know the author wrote the character this way for a reason. However early on in the book, I did not like this character and the more I read the more I disliked the Compton character.
I hope no one came looking for a thorough review of this book. If you did, I apologize. I cannot write reviews that way. If I did, the review would be full of spoilers. Then it would not be worth reading and author would not work with me or ask me to review their book. I enjoyed this book even though it is not my normal reading.
With everything being said the bunnies keep telling me to shut and just rate the book.
The bunnies and I give this book 5 carrots.
Thanks for a great read Scott.

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