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Shadow Bound by Rachel Vincent
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Jun 17, 2012

Read from June 12 to 17, 2012

I read the first in Vincent's Bound series, Blood Bound. I enjoyed it, but I totally lost myself reading Shadow Bound.

I love a good thriller and throw into the mix a bit of other-world fantasy and characters that I love, hate or am amused by and I've a winner of a read in my hands.

Kori Daniels, the shadow walker, was bound to the dastardly syndicate leader Jake Tower. This guy has no sense of feeling for others or their pain. Everything is a means to whatever end he's aiming for. In this case, it's to bind Ian Holt to him and his evil intentions and Kori is the bait to draw him in.

But, Ian has a mission of his own that leads to a battle of wills, intelligence and ultimately of love for Kori and his own family. There are tangled lies, misinterpretations, and pain. This plot's the usual thriller mystery of good versus bad, yet the story and intricate characters are in a league of their own.

Then too there's Kori's dearly loved little sister who's the strongest binder in creation. She holds the power to not only create a binding, but to break one as well. The tangle in the this web is how to do it. She's not sure but must find a way.

Kori's character is one of a strong, butt-kicking, take no prisoners kind of woman. She's at her best in boots and jeans and coming up against some of the most ruthless syndicate members imaginable.

Kori's come out of an imprisonment with unspeakable torture and horror for betraying the sociopathic Jake Tower. She's promised freedom if she can only secure a binding to the syndicate of Ian Holt. If she can't recruit him, she's to kill. Simple and clear.

Characters ranging from despicable to lovable people Shadow Bound. It's a book about love, liberty, death and loss. Yet ultimately it's about the desire and effort to rise above what which seems impossible to leave behind. It's about the power of love for others. I finished this book late into the night, early morning with my eyes watering from not resting them and thinking what a great character Kori Daniels is with her boots and ninja like fighting skills.

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36.0% "I'm bound by Shadow Bound! It's a gritty but fascinating thriller, mystery, some romance and flat out compelling story telling. I'm going back to reading my book but wanted to say I'm loving it! Haven't even had a moment to finish my review of Blackbringer. Will do so though. Onward to Shadow Bound for now."

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