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Night Road by Kristin Hannah
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May 27, 2012

it was amazing

My heart feels like it's going to fail any minute now. Is that normal? I don't think I've had that strong a reaction to anything in AGES. Well, okay, maybe I had a stronger reaction to Sing Me to Sleep, but STILL. I mean. UGHH. I'm incoherent right now.

The characters, each and every one of them got to me, in good and bad ways. Zach and Lexi and Grace were my favourites (for obvious reasons). I really didn't like Jude though. I mean she was clingy, and bossy, when Mia was still alive. She acted as if Lexi was one of them, but when she first figured out how serious Zach and Lexi were she just freaked out. I mean, this girl is one that has been part of your family for the past 3 years. You KNOW her. Why would you be like that?

I have mixed feelings about Mia. She was a great friend to Lexi, and yeah, I get that Lexi loved her and Mia reciprocated, but most of the time she was a spoiled brat. She KNEW how unhappy Zach would be if he had to be separated from Lexi. She still pulled the friend card and basically FORCED Zach to come to USC with her. In a way, I think her death was her own fault. Yeah, sure by the end, she'd realized how wrong she was and all that, but the damage had already been done. Zach was HURT. He thought that Mia would understand his need to be with Lexi, and that Lexi would at least fight a little for him, and not just cave into Mia, like EVERYONE ELSE. That was what got him to drink that much, even though he'd promised he wouldn't. And I hated how even after she was dead, everything still had to be about HER with their whole family. I mean Zach NEEDED a mother. He'd lost his soulmate, his first love, his everything, as well as his best friend and twin sister. But no, even in death, she was still the centre of Jude's attention. Contrary to popular belief, I think Jude was a horrible parent. Miles was the best. YOU RULE MILES.

In the end, this book just got to me in places that haven't been touched in a long time. The writing was also FIRST CLASS. You go Kristin Hannah. I'm definitely going to read some of your other works!!! : )))

My verdict? All the stars in the galaxy couldn't express how AMAZING this book is.
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