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The Enchantress by Michael Scott
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May 30, 2012

it was amazing
Read from May 27 to 30, 2012

The pace of the book feels slower in the first half than the other books of the series, but the last 1/4 is like an explosion! There's amazing revelations and carnage everywhere! (but the carnage = SAD) You feel the pangs as characters, one by one, sacrifice themselves for what they believe. So not only is the story exciting but also an emotional journey dipping up and down.

The ending wraps it all up. It answers questions I didn't think to ask. And its bittersweet. Of course, I want more! Character spin-offs, novelas, something! There is so much more that can be explored -- especially that "time before time" period. I think the paths all the characters took was well plotted out. Very satisfying. The storyline never ticked me off (where as a reader you get upset with a plot twist or a character event). I thought it was all well done.

The few negatives I would have are that at times the dialogue felt repetative. I liked the weaving/mirroring of present-day events and Danu Talis (like the beginning of the earthquakes), but is seemed like characters would say the same things a couple times. The ending was also a bit of an explosion, as I said earlier, where every answer is thrown at you at once while the first half of the book is more of a lull. So spreading some revelations out would have been nice. But I really can't complain. Excellent conclusion.

My favorite part would have to be the origin of Marethyu. Complete and epic surprise, which made me love it! It was one of those moments that elevated the entire series and its flow up to this book. Stunning wrap up. I mean, you know what big thing is going to happen, but the details are what propels the story.

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