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BAD INTENT Volume 1 by Michael Tabman
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Oct 08, 13

Bad Intent:
Michael Tabman

Distractions should not come into play when you are on a mission to catch drug dealers and thieves. As one FBI-NYPD Task Force Agent named Bob needed to remember. As his partner Detective Mark Zucarelli, observed him and wondered what exactly he was doing, he needed to refocus on the mission at hand. Being on surveillance requires patience, stamina and self-control to jump the “gun”. Contemplating the rationale behind catching these dealers, you hear Bob’s voice creating doubt as to why they even bother or if anyone cares. But, drugs are bad and selling to high school or even junior high school kids is often the norm in many communities and needs to be stopped. As the discussion continues you can even hear both Mark and Bob state an obvious fact that many people really ignore the obvious that drugs and violent crimes are bad but when it affects their kids or community maybe then they should take notice. But, would their mark show up and would they get lucky?

Bad intent is not just about the inner workings of the FBI but how some agents will do anything to be in the limelight and cover for those, even superiors that need their mistakes erased or as we say covered up. This was not a drug buy but drug trafficking deal where this cell was collecting believe it or not its own money and rebuilding its inventory. Imagine what would happen if someone ripped off the stash. The consequences would be more than grave. But, when the scene was assessed and the players seemed to be in place the situation did not seem to be playing out as most did. The superior running the show named Franks would not allow questions, responses or anyone second guessing his command even if his procedures and handling of the situation might be wrong. Why were the couriers for the cartel present? What was taking so long? What were they talking about and why? The end result is something that you might see on crime or cop shows but when the author takes the reader inside the mind of one FBI agent who revels in the glory of the bust you begin to wonder about many different things. Officers down some more critical then others and drug cartel that just might be back for more as Volume One in which the definition of Bad Intent can mean many things. Drug cartels with the intent to sell, cops with the intent to intimate and stake claim to the collar at any cost and of course the criminal whose only intent is to get away.

Hidden behind heavily fortified gates the head of the cartel’s car entered the well-guarded compound. Rojas, the head of the cartel bought this training compound over 30 years ago. Guards stationed everywhere, some former Columbian cops and military and others on the government payroll allow the reader to understand the world of corruption and how it festers like a bad disease gone wild. But, chaos ensued round so ammunition was spent, spinning tires and a plane hovering overhead. But, was it just a plane? One man with so much power who looked the part in ever way owned and inherited a cocaine empire but there was much more hidden within the walls of his factory. Many products like coffee and others in high demand were sold but not at top dollar or for high profit. Rojas was smart: “Cover the real product that Americans demanded: COCAINE.”

Corruption runs high not only business but in police departments where some officers shake down storeowners for protection money. When Tony Scarletta does business with two cops they think they have him by the barrel but do they? When Tony decides to make a deal with the cartel just how far will he go to make a big profit dealing with the cartel and Ramon who had no choice when enlisted by the mob and forced to live in a city with no ties and leaving his family in Columbia as collateral.

Bob is summoned to meet with the Office of the Principal Legal Advisor the conversation leads him to believe that there is a hidden agenda that he is not aware of and that his behavior in court and with this case had better meet their standards and guidelines. A Columbian dealer leaving him permanently injured and possibly losing his sight critically injures a drug bust and where something goes sour and a cop.

Author Michael Tabman takes readers on an inside look into the police department, the legal workings of the FBI and the amount of honest and corrupt police work that goes on everyday. Using his real life knowledge and experience with the FBI, former FBI agent Michael Tabman allows the reader to experience the events along with the characters first hand. Just what did everyone see that Bob did not? Was the incident an accident or did the drug dealer really go for Fremont’s gun? What message was the detective trying to drive home when Bob Douglas expresses what he thinks really happened and Mark another?

A meeting that would definitely change everything as John Browning representing the NYPD and Vickie Caroleo the FBI send a strong message to Bob reminding him of where his loyalties lie and what the end result might be if he sways. The explanation of what the expected him in court and when making his statements let’s readers know just what happens when someone is strong armed and their actions and words controlled. Wanting this guy taken down they would use any tactics to get him and explained what would happen if he did not cooperate? As things heat up and Mark and Bob begin to bond even more, the end result of this investigation leaves Bob out in the cold. Words are powerful and what would happen if he spoke the truth and did not parrot what was scripted to him by others?

But, the meeting was cold, the end result not what you would expect and what happens next sets off a chain of events that ignites a drug war so violent and deadly that both Mark and Bob lose more than the boatload of money the drug cartel hoped for.

Assistant Director of the FBI J. Peter Gunn is a very resourceful, manipulative and cunning man. As you hear his conversation with the Director and their hopes for the future of the FBI we learn just who is really running the unit, his true intent even if implied and what goals they have for the future. Just how honest are these two and who is behind the power of Gunn? A Task Force cop is shot right in front of Bob and when relating the facts as he remembers them he decides to wrongly, tell the truth. The truth would ignite another war and allow the cartel leader to go free? Why? How? You will have to learn because those facts are classified and cannot be revealed by this reviewer. Team players are vital and when you are not the end result could leave you more than must out in the cold. When needing a search warrant, a tap on a phone or cooperation for an ADA, Bob learns the words stall, no, and realizes the ramifications of his actions and has to figure out how to handle it. But, taking a drug dealer off the streets might be right but hanging him for a shooting he might not have committed convenient. The war between the DEA and the FBI discussed and how they each handle things and why the FBI does not want them in the forefront handling the drug war is quite interesting as you learn more about inter agency cooperation of lack of it and why. The DEA doing well in many areas that they broadcast the when the FBI seized several hundred thousand dollars they could not link it to the drug cartels since it was found in the diamond district. The problem as related by Gunn is that the Director does not stand up to the DEA or Congress and he knew the FBI had to do something fast to be on top. As he calls it FBI Primacy. But, what happens next and what Mark and Bob do just might even the odds against the drug cartel and link the Diamond District to these dealers too. Going by the book or just bending the rules. Is it right if you get the bad guys?

A drug bust in the Bronx and more lives are lost. Bob confronts the AUSA and wonders why the search warrant never arrives. Responses flippant no relieve of help in sight what would your next move be? Go in without the warrant or stand pat and allow the culprits room to get away? The situation heats up, tempers flare, reprimands run high and the reader can tell that something is off. Frustrated, short tempered and fuses blow as the prosecutors are more concerned about their own hides rather than nailing those of the criminals. But, Zuckarelli is resourceful, smart and takes control intervening on Bob’s half. FBI and NYPD can they make this happen together or will they lose another battle?

When the situation becomes tense and a decision is made just what happens will destroy more than just the lives of those going in to take down the drug dealers. Who was behind the bad move will not be revealed as it is classified and I would never divulge that information? The final battle will astound the reader as Mark and Bob commit time to surveillance, find out information about a jewelry store and realize that someone within one of the organizations is a leak. An attempt to get the head of the cartel and the reason why so many were killed in the Pizza Place where his friend Pops dies too, sends Mark over the edge and Bob not too far behind. But, what happens to those that are guilty allows readers to know that the mob is strong, the word itself means : “ a large crowd of people, esp. one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence,” letting you know the final score without giving awa the final tally.

I hope many more as author Michael Tabman tells in his straightforward, hardnosed and straight from the hip format. Bad Intent: Police, Criminals or both. You decide when you hear the voices of Bob Douglas and Mark Zucarelli and you decide who really has the Bad Intent. What’s next and where is our star Detective headed: Only the author knows and he has classified that information until his next book is ready for release.
Bad Intent: Read this FIVE STAR Novel and join Mark and Bob as they hunt down the drug dealers, make the busts and work the streets.

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Michael Tabman Fran,

Thank you for such a detailed review. You put your heart and soul into these and your efforts are truly appreciated.


Eric_W Very nice. I just read the first one and enjoyed it, although I would have preferred less serialization.

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