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Last Christmas by Kate Brian
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May 26, 12

PLOT= This is the story before Private happens and Ariana's little secret with Thomas
Ariana Osgood= ooh my god I love this girl, I love what her mom says You never know what people are capable of until they're pushed to their edge, Ariana. Ariana has been pushed to the edge and that good girl went to a murderer. Ariana was a great girl she has a great life was friends with Noelle and dating Daniel she has everyone a girl could dream of but as you read on you know that her mom is messed up. I love that she and Noelle are best friends I always felt that only Ariana could stop whatever dangerous things Noelle is doing and Noelle is my favorite character. I love reading her story eventhough I love to have one with Noelle's.
Noelle= In this prequel we can see a softer side of Noelle, she cares of Ariana she cares alot and that is what I love about their friendship its beautiful and she is funny here. Her jokes crack me up sometimes especially when she is with Dash its soo sweet and cute.
THomas= In this prequel surprisingly I like Thomas, he is that guy that your mom will say to back off of and that is soo cute and irresistable. I love how much he cared for her but my question is still did he really love her?
Daniel= He is over protective but I'm glad he cares about her.
Sergei= Poor camera guy he was a stalker soo I guess that is what happens to stalkers.
Last christmas blew me off I loved it soo much not kidding it was amazing!!

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