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Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland
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Sep 24, 2008

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Recommended to Jen by: ARC copy
Recommended for: fans of Paranormal/supernatural ROMANCE
Read in September, 2008 , read count: 1

** spoiler alert ** I have to admit that I am a big fan of the supernatural genre. Half driven by my love of anything offbeat (although this is an ever increasingly popular genre) & half driven by my love of horror and the desire to see what "monsters" do in there off time when not slaughtering teens for having sex in the barn.
This being said I was excited to get an ARC copy of this book and I thank you for my selection. When I started reading the book however I wasn't hooked. I continued reading out of what I feel my duty to the writers and publishers constitues- finish it so you can write an honest review which is what follows....
The beginning was weak- I wasn't drawn into Elizabeth's character because I didn't have a strong sense of her as a real person. The first encounter (and subsequent) with Jimmy alternately bored me or turned me off to him- simply put he's a jerk. The first 70 pages were a snooze filled with cardboard characters- the few characters I wanted to know more about were killed instantly- the old black lady, the young black basketball player. Once Jimmy and Elizabeth go on a road trip to see Sawyer the novel picked up a bit for me- the scene in the town on the way there wasn't bad at all.
The middle is the only part of the book I reccomend truly- Once I met Sawyer's character I was hooked. He was fascinating and while having jerky tendencies himself I felt like HE (not Jimmy) was that bad news guy you would actually fall for in real life.
Unfortunately just when I was truly enjoying the book Elizabeth has a vision of Jimmy and a Stragi (Italian witch) in NY- figures Jimmy is in trouble and goes to save him. (Booo let Jimmy get killed.)
The book ends up going far far downhill for me here. I'll tell you so -true spoilers to the end at this point.

Jimmy has been given his father's blood which has awakened his EVIL side. Elizabeth is captured by his father and given to Jimmy- he asked for her specifically.
Why?- you ask. Well so she could become his sex slave and he could slowly kill her by a combination on more than daily doses of the BIG Jimmy (if ya know what I mean) and blood sucking. Lots and lots of sex that I have to admit to skimming but it all looked very cliched romance novel fake rape (she enjoys/tries to enjoy it/thinks of who "he really is/was" during it). Well anyways this all gets resolved in a ridiculous manner and then when Jimmy "comes to" he says how horrible she was and the ninny pulls him close to comfort him and THEN invites him to have sex with her to ERASE the memories of him using her. Lame, lame, lame ... I would have been pissed even if "it wasn't really his fault".
Elizabeth gets just what she deserves however- he leaves the morning after and leaves her a note- he isn't sure he can control his dark side *eye roll* and then to truly establish what an idiot the girl is she decides to go after him and find him and heal him (with more restorative sex? I bet).
Oh yes and silly me- the actual "concept" behind this thinly veiled romance novel is that the doomsday (the events building to the apocalypse) is at hand and Elizabeth is the only person who can make a difference... sorry world but I need to get my lying, cheating, raping man back... Eh whatever.
The excerpt for the second book in the series was strong and it focused on Sawyer's evil goddess mother which might be enough to get me to pick up the next one. Especially if Jimmy is killed by her.
Overall- Characters- weak with one standout exception
Plot- cliche but neglected and abused anyways
Writing- Compelling at times but slow more often
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arianna ihave to agree, Jimmy as a character is possibly the most dry I have ever had the displeasure of reading.

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