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Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen
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Jun 14, 2012

did not like it
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Read from May 26 to June 13, 2012

This is a DNF review. Which means everything should be taken with a grain of salt. However, Harlequin Teen was kind enough to provide this ARC to me and I felt I should at least take the time to explain why I couldn't make it all the way through.

It had something to do with this:

The writing made me go:
no good

The Characters were like:
roll eyes

And I had to stop before I was driven to:

Maybe I should have kept up with it, because most people seem to really enjoy this book. But I found the writing extremely telling. The main character, Samantha tells us a lot about herself in a very awkward manner rather than showing us who she is. Thus I had very little invested in either her or Bishop. Since I didn't connect to her, I found it hard to connect to the world and to, in turn, stay interested in the novel.

It was like one of those avalanches started by a single stone. I don't want to hear that you were acting out because of your parent's divorce so you tried shoplifting and, since that didn't work, making out with your crush was another option. It was very disingenuous to me as a character voice and I couldn't relate to how she expressed herself. Sure, the back story is there but the emotion is not. The frustration, the sense of helplessness and impotence, the uncontrollable urge to lash out - all of this was missing and replaced with a fairly lucid, detached personality reflecting on her state of being with all the emotional investment that I usually give to my breakfast cereal.

I would suggest this book for fans of City of Bones or Twilight - but I would also suggest reading the first chapter and half and deciding whether you bond with the protagonist and the writing style before purchasing.

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message 1: by Yui (new) - added it

Yui any good? ^-^

Kat Kennedy I'm only just starting.

message 3: by Yui (new) - added it

Yui oh sorry. Just going crazy picking next read. It's always hard to pick after a great read. Going back to Kat-s-book-review page now for other hint. ^-^

Kat Kennedy Haha! Sorry, Yui! I'll let you know as soon as possible!

message 5: by Yui (new) - added it

Yui Take ur time. Ur reviews are worth the wait. More than I can say for some other yearly released novels. LOL. just remembered the Forest of hands and teeth. I was so excited when I read ur review but amazon made me wait so long until book 2 is almost out so I waited for it to read back to back then another long wait until book 3. I'm still waiting for book 3. Thankfully it's the last book and I the crazy pattern will end there. :-P Totally OT but there u go. ^-^

Lynsey   • The Demon Librarian Oh you didn't read this, did you? Oopsies.

Olivia--Porcrastinator Extraordinaire Good to know. I was totally on the fence about even starting this one.. I might still give it a shot, but from your review, it fails where I was afraid it would..

message 8: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Hartman "all of this was missing and replaced with a fairly lucid, detached personality reflecting on her state of being with all the emotional investment that I usually give to my breakfast cereal."

I thought you were a vodka-on-cornflakes woman! You eat THAT without emotion?

**backs away slowly from the epic bad-assery**

Bark's Book Nonsense Uh oh. Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like another emotionally empty YA with a pretty cover. But please, for the love of all that is warm and fuzzy, shut off that last puppy vid. It makes me cry even though it is probably fake.

message 10: by Giselle (new) - added it

Giselle I'm very passionate about cereal. I cry, every morning, in my fruit loops.

message 11: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Hartman Giselle wrote: "I'm very passionate about cereal. I cry, every morning, in my fruit loops."

See? Me too! And don't even get me started on the pathos of raisin bran.

message 12: by Suunman (new)

Suunman Thanks for sparing me another painful day or two. great Review though :)

the golden witch. All of the gifs = how I felt about it, too. :(

the golden witch. But I rather liked City of Bones, so...ugh. idek.

The Holy Terror Man, the reviews for this one are all over the place. Lots of friends I trust gave it either 1 or 4 stars. I probably won't read it because I'd rather go for a sure thing than something like this.

Thanks, Kat and tgw.

the golden witch. THT - it seems like people either loved or hated it, and not too many in the middle. I'd advise you to move onto something else. :/

message 17: by Kate (new)

Kate Copeseeley Love the MLP gif. My son has gotten me completely addicted to that show. Still trying to figure out how that happened.

Amanda The Book Slayer Kat your review said it all. Blah, is about as good as it gets from me.

Treehugger I agree. I found it annoying that Samantha told everything instead of showing anything. I do disagree with the City of Bone and Twilight part (I liked both of those books and this one irritated me).

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