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Insurgent by Veronica Roth
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May 26, 2012

really liked it

This book is a continuation of Divergent in which a system of factions that provided various services and goods for the city they live in, Chicago. Amity values beauty and provides produce for the city, Dauntless values bravery and services as the city’s military, Candor values the truth and they have a truth serum, Abnegation values selflessness and assists the factionless, and Erudite values intelligence and provides the city with advanced technology. In the first book Beatrice Prior starts out in the faction of Abnegation but when the time comes to find out her faction through a drug induced simulation she finds she can change things in the simulation and she tests positive for three different factions marking her as divergent. She is told there are many people after her for being divergent and she picks the Dauntless as her faction. The book ends with the Erudite inducing simulations into Dauntless members that force them to kill Abnegation people and leaders some after the simulation defect but most return to Dauntless. Fortunately for Beatrice her divergence makes her immune to the simulation. At the start of this book Beatrice, who goes by Tris in Dauntless, is on the run with her divergent boyfriend Tobias. Tobias goes by Four in Dauntless and is very strong and moody. Tris has problems firing guns after she had to shoot her best friends, Will. Tris and her friends flee Amity were they were hiding because of Dauntless traitors pursuing them. They take refuge at Candor with other Dauntless but the Erudite threaten Candor who try to reveal the divergent and surrender the Dauntless. The Dauntless and the factionless are preparing for the final battle in which they will storm the Erudite. Tobias’s father gives Tris a mission to find information in the compound and prevent its destruction. Will she succeed? Or be killed? I thought that this book was overall very good although it seemed to drag at some parts. This book has a lot of action which I liked. I would suggest this book to people who read dystopian books and enjoy a lot of action


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