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Rapture by Lauren Kate
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May 26, 2012

really liked it
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Read from June 19 to August 04, 2012 — I own a copy

3.5 out of 5 stars!


I'm unable to even, right now.

8-20-12, 1:17pm : Here's the review!


The first thing I think I noticed was, "Hey, Luce isn't wearing a dark colored dress!" Which, after reading the book, was very, very fitting. I loved the waves and the rocks (which I am going to pretend were the rocks in the story (I mean, for some reason on the cover, I don't think they are but I'm going to pretend)), the pose she is in. It's all very beautiful.

Very sensual.

Very worthy of being the end of a series that I have followed since book one. I remember picking up Fallen and being in love right away. It was brilliant. I have followed Kate every step of the way, and this review... it feels like I'm saying good-bye to a part of my soul.

Which is sad.

General Summary

The time has finally come. The hour that could mean life or death for all of humanity. The time that could completely and utterly change the lives of, not only Lucinda and Daniel, but everyone, ever since the before the Fall of the angels.

Nine days is all they have.

Nine days to find the three crucial artifacts that will reveal the location of the Fall. So maybe, just maybe Lucinda can convince Lucifer to stop his madness: to stop him from wiping out the history we all know.

But when Lucinda finally manages to remember the very first time Daniel comes in contact with her... can she pull herself together and make the decision that she has been wanting to make? Or will she go back, even further than her and Daniel, and find a love that was lost?

What will it cost her? What will it cost all of humanity?

And will she get it done in time?

Opinions : Contains Mild Spoilers

First off: I don't know anything about the bible. I am not one bit religious. The only religious bits and pieces I get come from the dozens of Angel/Nephilim/Demon books I am constantly reading. So, I don't know if I necessarily should have seen the whole Lucinda and Lucifer thing coming or not (because I don't know if Lucifer really had someone special named Lucinda, like Kate claims to have had happen), but whether that was the case or not, I didn't see that one coming: AT ALL.

I wasn't completely thrown off by the idea of Luce and Lucifer being an item because Luce/ Kate described Lucifer as being even more handsome than Daniel. And this whole time I'm picturing Daniel as this brilliant celestial, glowing being and THEN I have to go and conjure up someone better looking?

That was difficult.

While the first 100 to 250 pages were boring and very much filled with religious-ness, I encourage people to push on and read further, because once the group gets all the artifacts together and finally starts on the path to stopping Lucifer,... well, lets just say Kate did a more than amazing job at that.

I loved the idea of The Throne being a woman. I mean, I don't know if Kate had in mind that The Throne and God were supposed to be two separate celestial beings (because a part of me says they are supposed to be and a part of me says they're the same person in the story), but I just liked the idea of humanity being born out of a woman.

And the idea of what/who Lucinda really was, was fascinating. I've read several reviews where people said they saw it coming, but I didn't. It was nice to be surprised.

And now, the ending. Oh, my goodness. I will not even pretend and say I did not cry like a baby. It was perfect, to me. Luce and Daniel meeting in a new setting for the first/last time to fall in love. It was beautiful. I just,... even thinking about it... it sort of gives me hope that YES, there is someone out there for everyone to have what Luce and Daniel had/have.

And lets be real, the Epilouge with everyone watching them was like the cherry ontop of a perfect banana split sundae. That was brilliant. Shelby and Miles were precious. It was the perfect ending to one of my favorite series.

And I'm going to be holding on to this series for a long time.

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