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The Rake by Suzanne Enoch
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This was my first Suzanne Enoch book and it entertained me fairly well. At first, i felt detached to her writing style and desperately tried to connect with her my vast relief, it started to pick up after a few chapters and got me fairly interested as the story progressed.

One thing i utterly enjoyed about this book was Georgiana and Tristan's interactions. The way they sparred and goaded each other was very wittily written which has amused me to no end. Georgiana's machinations also amused me even though i didn't think she would be successful in her attempts at teaching Tristan a "lesson." I admit that the reason why i say so because i found the "lesson" part a bit juvenile for such a strong character as Georgiana's. But the author was able to maneuver that particular piece quite well. I just hope that Enoch chose a different title for this series since "Lessons in Love" just sounds so i previously stated, juvenile. But since she was able to deliver a fairly interesting and humorous story in this one, i resorted to not quibble further about it.

I do applaud Enoch for producing such good characters in Tristan and Georgiana. The author was able to present their personalities and their character growth in the story quite well. Despite Tristan's previous grave mistake towards Georgie, he didn't struck me as a rake at all. I found him responsible and quite noble in fact. I was also vastly pleased by his honesty with regards to his affections for Georgiana later on in the story, how he was determined and honest about his feelings of having Georgie for his own. That part clearly showed admirable maturity and character growth on his part. As for Georgiana, her finally letting go of past grievances and taking a chance in trusting Tristan again was also admirably brave of her. I'm glad both got past their "past" and had their happy ending in the "end." ;p

All in all, despite my objections to the title of this series and of this book, this was surely another "good read." Even though this book just fairly titillated my interest, having such admirable characters like Tristan and Georgiana got me giving this book 3 stars instead of just 2. I hope reading the second installment of this series will improve my regard of Suzanne Enoch's work.


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05/26/2012 page 6
2.0% ""I did choose this ensemble with you in mind, my lord," she said, smoothing her silk burgundy skirt. "Do you truly like it?"

"I do, my lady." His sweeping glance took her in from head to toe.

"Then this is the one I'll wear to your funeral," she said with a sweet smile.

Dare lifted an eyebrow. "Who says you'll be invited?" With a devilish grin, he turned on his heel. "Good evening, ladies."

05/26/2012 page 74
20.0% "Funny here and there but unfortunately for the most part, dragging. =____="

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