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Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens
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May 25, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: contemporary-ya, romance, new-adult
Read from May 25 to 26, 2012

Rating: 2.5

My rating is approximate. I must note, that very few books have ever irritated me as much as this one, but at the same time - its completely addicting. I couldn't stop reading it. Kiera, however, is an idiot, and her idiocy drove me up the wall, across the room, and to a different city.

Kiera has given up everything to follow her Aussie boyfriend across the country to Washington. Undoubtedly one of the most gentlemanly and caring boyfriend she could possibly have, she is terribly in love. After Denny is called away on business and Kiera is left alone with their unbearably rocking roommate, Kellan, Kierra realizes that she is incabable of being alone. Kellan's words and "innocent" touches become a drug that soothes her aching loss while Denny is away. But in one night of fury, Kiera makes an irreversible mistake, and suddenly she is put in a position that is beyond her ability to handle, and she has to try to make a decision that wont end in complete chaos.

Five things that will begin to explain my love/hate relationship with this book.
1) The writing is amazing. Thoughtless and its destructive relationships will pull you in, regardless of if you approve of them or not.
2) Kiera is a ruddy idiot. There is no other way to explain it, and it has been brought up in countless other reviews. Her absence of any loyalty or care to any human being is what drove me to dislike this book, even though I also became addicted to it. She is not what I look for in a female lead. I kind of hate her with a passion. (For a really good rant on how bloody irritating Kiera is, read this review).
3) It is over 500 pages, which is great when you are addicted to a book, but bad when its repetitive of the things that drive you crazy. Mainly, the painful bits of the love triangle
4) This is definitely a YA book for the adult demographic, if you can even consider it a YA book (I'm thinking of switching its categories). Its very explicit in both language, and the depth of sexuality. At the same time, the main character, although in college, is very immature, so you get a mix of the types of dilemmas in the book, which does make it interesting.
5) I think the character with the least depth, was actually the character that the book was written in the perspective of (Kiera). She spent the majority of the book thinking she couldn't decide who she loved more, and asking for more time while she left seething scares of pain behind her (ruddy idiot, I'm telling you). Kellan's story, however, was much more interesting, and may of the other characters such as Matt, Mike, and Denny could have been discussed a little more.

All in all, it was a good book, and I do admit I enjoyed reading it. However, I practically wanted to scream at Kiera after about half the novel; at first, I could understand it. Confusion is natural when your boyfriend is distancing himself, and all the sudden you find yourself lonely. But seriously Kiera? (view spoiler)

This book has been compared to Beautiful Disaster which I can see. This is a college romance that creates a destructive and encompassing love, largely surrounding physical attraction and sex. But, in Beautiful Disaster, there was only a slight presence of a third party, and the main character was much more devoted with her emotions. In this novel, the main character shows no loyalty, even within her own thoughts, and literally leaves both boys hanging while she keeps saying "I need more time" and things to herself "why can't I have both." The only somewhat similar thing that might be inciting, is the intensity of the relationship.

I am undecided if I want to continue reading the series because of my fury with the main character (although I have read she is not quite so screwed up in the second book, so we'll see). I don't know if I necessarily recommend this book, because it was very frustrating, but it is good writing and I did get quite attached to Kellan. I'll let you decide.
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Stacia (the 2010 club) You were even more patient than I was. Kiera is one of my least favorite female characters ever (I did love Kellan though). I have to agree with you...it's annoying and somehow addictive at the same time. I actually thought the second book wasn't quite as bad and there's one extremely funny scene in it, but I completely understand why a lot of people quit out after book 1.

Julia Kiera was very frustrating. I read your review for the second one (and of course read that hysterical scene!! I was still mad at Kiera so I evilly reveled in her embarrassment) and now I think I might pick it up after I've gotten over my anger at Kiera. I might still need a little more Kellan in my life. :)

Anne Frey Definitely read the second book! I personally compared it to 50 Shades... Thats how good I liked the 2nd book. I was with yall on the 1st book being aggrivating and waaaaay too long and drawn out! But the 2nd book is waaaaaay better!

Jessica Monotan OMG Anne Frey i compared it with 50 shades too!! sorry for getting so excited by that :L
Julia i one million percent agree with your review. Kiera is incredibly selfish and also don't see how anyone couldn't choose Denny

message 5: by Amelia (new) - added it

Amelia Oh gosh...after reading this review, I'm wondering if I want to even spend the time reading the book so that I can agree or disagree with your review. It's on my to be read list but i haven't gotten around to reading it because of the love triangle in it and i hate reading stories with love triangles...

maybe i'll just take a pick and skip the parts when Kiera is vascillating between boys.

Anne Frey Jess wrote: "OMG Anne Frey i compared it with 50 shades too!! sorry for getting so excited by that :L
Julia i one million percent agree with your review. Kiera is incredibly selfish and also don't see how anyon..."

LOL Jess - I LOVE LOVE LOVE Effortless :)

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