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Black Wings by Christina Henry
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May 25, 12

it was ok
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First I must admit that I am not yet finished with this book, I'm currently on page 216. I'll most likely finish reading it, it isn't bad to the point of not being able to finish... but it is kind of bad.

I picked this book up because it was on a list, and it had a decent rating. A misleadingly decent rating.

Death is a bureacracy, and Madeline Black is one of its agents. Her job is to pick up the souls of the recently departed, and convince them to "go through the door". Her boss is a corner-office-aspiring prick, and she has to file paperwork like any other government worker.

She lives alone with her gargoyle guardian, has a gay best friend/co-worker, her mother died when she was a kid, and she has no love life at all whatsoever. Pretty boring.

Until a ridiculously attractive guy moves in downstairs. And a demon eats her best friend, and then tries to eat her.

My BS meter started dinging on page 7, and it got louder as I continued reading. The story actually opened entertainingly enough, with a cat lady who didn't want to leave her fur-babies. I would have enjoyed learning more about the crazy and zany characters that Maddy was sent to move along to the next level of existence.

We are introduced to Gabriel Angeloscuro (which means dark angel in Italian... wow, so creative), a mysterious and ridiculously good looking (yes, I'm quoting Zoolander) fellow who wants to rent out her downstairs apartment (that actually sounds kind of dirty, ha!). There is a moment where she stares into his eyes and loses reckoning of her surroundings... she literally just stood there and stared in his eyes. Weird. Meanwhile her gargoyle "guardian" does a fairly piss poor job of guarding her. She's attacked left and right by demons, it's ridiculous.

As I said earlier, her best friend Patrick is killed by a demon. Poor Patrick. We're introduced to him on page 23, and the poor bastard dies on page 28. You're given just enough time to realize that he is friendly and likes pizza, and then he's eaten. WTH? But I guess it makes sense, since she spends about 3 minutes mourning him. I'm guessing he must not have had any family that cared about him at all whatsoever, because no one was notified of his horrendous death. His own boss didn't even really blink at his death. I don't think the man bothered writing it down, or sending a memo out to his coworkers.

*I'm realizing now that there is no way I'm going to be able to explain each problem fully, so I'm going to sum it up here*

Maddy is kind of Mary Jane-ish; she's attractive, a virgin (of course, it's totally realistic for a lonely attractive orphaned young woman to completely shun the male race in favor of hot-cocoa and the company of her surly gargoyle), is the long-lost daughter of some angel-like powerful dude, has crazy powers that no one can explain or understands, has powerful enemies who somehow can't ever seem to kill her, is attracted to someone she shouldn't be, and has been betrothed to someone she doesn't want. Oh, and she's got a smart mouth too.

It's not a very interesting story, nor very original but for some reason I want to finish it to see where it goes.


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