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Fury by Elizabeth  Miles
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Nov 20, 14

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bookshelves: supernatural, teen

Poor Fury. How many people are going to start reading you thinking you're going to be a typical paranormal romance with various tragic love triangles and revelations of special destinies complete with superpowers--and then find out you're not? After all, you do have a picture of a girl in a long flowy dress on the cover. What else could you possibly be?

What you are, despite the paranormal aspects that do pop up, is one of the most realistic books I've read in a while. The two main characters are so realistic they do quite a few unlikeable things and then feel bad about it and then selfishly do more bad things. What were you thinking, Fury? Don't you know we like our heroes and heroines to be saints with just a tinge of darkness to make them sexy? We don't want them to be fallible, doing things we remember doing ourselves that make us cringe with regret.

Fortunately for me, I was pleasantly surprised to find you weren't yet another paranormal romance. I was drawn into the interesting story with its flawed characters. I found the paranormal parts extra chilling because there always seemed to be some likely explanation. But I couldn't ignore your own flaws: The story starts to drag in the middle, then speeds up and ends with an unsatisfying abruptness. I'm trusting there will be a sequel because a lot of fairly big questions are left unanswered and not in an "Oo, I can't wait to find out" way. More like a "What was that all about?" way.

I won't be able to booktalk you on account of all the swears and sexy times. I'd like to hide your cover and recommend you to readers looking for an alternative to typical paranormal romances, but I may wait to see whether your sequel answers some of these unsatisfyingly unanswered questions.

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